Multiple Accounts in Instagram is Now a Reality

Multiple Accounts in InstagramIs the new functionality allowing the management of multiple accounts in Instagram a tactic to steal Twitter users?

Social media managers, your dreams have come true! Being able to switch between multiple accounts in Instagram is finally happening. Instagram announced on Twitter that the long-requested feature would begin to appear in iOS and Android apps this week in version 7.15, though leaks revealed a few users were already seeing the feature last week. Select users in the app’s official beta testing group for Android received the update back in November with version 7.12 as the social network was testing the functionality. Since then, Instagram users have been waiting in eager anticipation for a full rollout.

The news came in the midst of the #riptwitter outrage, an interesting timing choice. The Twitterverse revolted over the weekend about news that Twitter would adopt Facebook-like timelines, rather than giving users features they’d actually requested like an edit button. In the midst of the chaos, Instagram made their perfectly timed announcement, in essence declaring that they’re the superior network when it comes to listening and delivering. Was it coincidence, or was Instagram hoping to capitalize on the anti-Twitter chatter as users threatened to bolt over algorithm changes?

Once Instagram’s mutli-account feature is live, it will bear striking similarities to Twitter’s version of the functionality. This makes the timing of the rollout even more intriguing. Instagram surpassed Twitter in popularity and number of users back in September, and it seems the social network is actively working to keep it that way.

Multiple Accounts in Instagram Multiple Accounts in InstagramTo switch between multiple accounts in Instagram, first add up to five additional accounts within your Account Settings. Then, you can toggle between them by tapping on your user name at the top of your profile and selecting which account you want to use from a drop-down list. The profile photo of the account you’re using will be displayed throughout the app so you won’t lose track of which account is active. You’ll also be able to receive push notifications for all accounts if you have them turned on.

The lack of multi-account switching has been one of the app’s biggest hassles for users who run multiple accounts. They have been forced to log out and back in each time they want to switch accounts, or turn to third-party clients to post and view feeds from separate accounts simultaneously. However, changes to Instagram’s developer policy will restrict third-party access to its API starting in June. The multi-app functionality comes just in time, which will make many users happy.

Now all we need is for Instagram to allow in-app post scheduling and reposting!

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