Super Bowl or Ad Wars?

This is a picture of the Super Bowl 50 logo with the Vince Lombardi TrophyIn The Digital Age, Super Bowl Ads Rule Super Sunday.

If you tuned in expecting an offensive showdown in Super Bowl 50, you got quite a different outcome. The game turned out to be a defensive battle. And while defense can win championships (congrats Denver), it doesn’t generate much excitement. So what else is there to do when the game you spent hundreds of bucks to host is a snoozefest? Why, take to social media and check the buzz on all the commercials of course!

According to an article in USA Today, 78% of Americans watch the game for the ads. That’s mind-blowing! This year’s crop of commercials included tax products, cars, apartment finders, and of course alcohol. There was even an ad about constipation and diarrhea featuring an irritable bowel syndrome claymation puppet. So aside from the halftime show, folks had plenty to tweet about. This occurrence didn’t just happen overnight. Fans have been tuning in for the big game with an eye for solely watching the commercials for years. It’s why companies spend millions of dollars to advertise during one of the biggest live events of the year.

Time was there were no sneak peaks at the Super Sunday commercials before the big game. It was like a kid counting down the hours on Christmas Eve before opening their gifts. However, with the emergence of social media, advertisers have now begun to leak ads several days in advance. Even more advanced than in years past are digital measurement tools that allow companies to see near real-time results of how their ads perform on the major social platforms against the competition.

The game itself might have turned out to be a dud, but the commercials kept people tuned in for an otherwise punchless game. From Betty White doing the dab to the memes taking shots at Coldplay, this year’s crop of Super Bowl Ads and the resulting chatter on social media didn’t disappoint. Hopefully next year, the game will feature a couple teams capable of providing more fireworks. Thus actually giving the ad spots a run for their money.


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