Snapping while Chatting

snapSnapchat: Texting of 2016. But, one must ask, when is it appropriate to Snapchat in the work place? Or can it be pulled off without being noticed? Is it possible ? Always great questions. Generation X? Generation Y? It doesn’t matter. Here’s the 101 on how to Snapchat at properly work. There are only two big rules you must follow. First, lets get in the mood. Picture this: You’re in a meeting. The meeting has 15 people. Two people are on their computers, three are taking hand written notes, four are zoned out, one guy is presenting, and the rest of the crew constantly looks at the clock to count down the minutes until the meeting is over. This leaves YOU. You are hip. You are on top of all tech-know all. You are the tech guru of the office. You want to check your SnapChat. You have sweat forming on your brow because you want to click on that new message from Lucy in accounting who is just down the hall from you. You wonder if she maybe wants to grab drinks tonight. You realize you start to smile. But, you’re still in the boring meeting. Best thing to do in this situation is to nod your head, pretend your paying attention, then promptly go back to deciding if you are checking the message or not. You might decide you want to Snapchat the presenter with a funny mustache. Who knows, maybe you want to send a video making fun of the two co-workers who are listening so attentively that they could be mistaken for high school freshman on day number two of class. What you may not know, is that all of these options are available with two simple solutions.

First question answered: IT IS ALWAYS APPROPRIATE TO SNAP AT WORK! Long meetings can be boring. Snapchat has three reasons to existence: 1) cure your boredom, 2) text without having to actually text and/or send emojis (I mean, why text emoticons when you can send your face?). 3) we all know the third answer, but it’s not appropriate for the work place; can you say HR issue?!.  Other than the three obvious reasons of why it’s okay to use Snapchat, don’t forget to have a notebook full of reasons why you are on your phone during the meeting incase the boss man asks. A) You’re writing notes about the meeting, B) You have an emergency email, C) You get the picture. Now, if the boss does catch you on Snapchat, you’ll have to have a pretty good reason for why you are on Snapchat. Please note: SnapChat can also be used as a news outlet, a way to find out world news, a way to communicate with your mother. Something other than you are bored in the meeting.

Are you ready for the answer to your biggest question? How do YOU check Snapchat videos at work without getting caught or reprimanded by that big bellied boss or yours or looked at funny by your judgmental coworkers?

TURN THE SOUND OFF ON YOUR PHONE.  The key to secrecy is to keep the noise level to silent. When a video is recording, the sound will still record to the snap video. Don’t worry, you will not be sending a bunch of ‘silent movies’; this isn’t the 1920s.

Until next time, don’t forget to turn off the sound.

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