The NBA Slam Dunks Likes

The NBA Slam Dunks Likes

The NBA All-Star Weekend has been a huge event in the sports world dating back to the early 1950s.  The event is a weekend filled with everything a true basketball fanatic will love.  Bringing the best players in the nation together for various events demonstrating skill and strength, the event is sure to bring viewers from all over.

With the vast impact of social media today; we can truly gage the imThis is a picture of a player performing a slam dunk. pact of the NBA All Star Weekend and particular events.  The slam dunk contest is a much anticipated part of the weekend.  It is where we can see athletes out of their usual element seen during basketball games.  Over the past years the Slam Dunk contest has been on a slight decline with the enthusiasm and skill level brought to the slam dunks.  But this year the event is s

This past All-Star Slam Dunk Contest received 1 Billion Likes on its facebook page.  While the NBA has always been engaged on social media platforms, this record breaking activity surpasses all expectations.  What impact does social media play into marketing and the exposure and improvement of major events?  One thing particular to the NBA and in particular the slam dunk contest is the ability to post and share quick videos, specific to certain social media platforms such as SnapChat and Vine.  These quick videos are all that is needed to spread the word of the event and particular moments that took place and will be a trending topic within seconds of airing on national television.  In addition, with the instantaneous characteristic of social media, the numerous posts and videos that appear within seconds of an event bring more viewers; those who may not have been watching the All-Star event are more likely to then tune in to be a part of the trending topics they see on their news feeds.

It is safe to say that the NBA Slam Dunked likes!

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