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Social Media in Higher Education

Utilizing Social Media in Higher Education

Long gone are the days where high school students looked through pamphlets of regional colleges and universities to decide which school they wanted to attend. College recruitment has gone from a part-time job of a college counselor to a multi-million dollar component of university budgets. Tactics ranging from in-person visits to direct mailers are deployed in order to secure a freshman class, however; both are incredibly expensive. With collegiate state and federal funding drastically decreasing, new recruitment methods that are more cost effective are being used. The largest of which, is utilizing social media in higher education.

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Women Love Wine and Social Media

You know women love wine and social media. The question is can you encourage women to try, and buy, your wines by engaging them in conversation online.

This is a photo of Women Love Wine and Social Media.According to a 2014 Gallop poll, women are wine drinkers, more than 46% of women who drink alcohol choose wine as their drink of choice. Women buy 57% of all wine sold and they are buying it for consumption, not collecting it. With this kind of buying power, the potential is huge for any wine brand that can win them over. But how to reach female buyers? Pew research shows that 80% of women online regularly use social media and 77% of them are on Facebook. Women love wine and social media, to reach more female wine buyers, connect with them online.

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Snapchat for Small Businesses

Is the next social media marketing strategy Snapchat for Small Businesses?

When looking at Snapchat for small businesses, the statistics show that only 1% of businesses are using Snapchat. This is a new social media forum that is not polluted with posts, ads, and thousands of other businesses fighting and bidding to get their message across. This is great news because it offers small businesses a social media forum that is not crowded and can become an early integration into their social media plan.

Multiple Accounts in Instagram is Now a Reality

Multiple Accounts in InstagramIs the new functionality allowing the management of multiple accounts in Instagram a tactic to steal Twitter users?

Social media managers, your dreams have come true! Being able to switch between multiple accounts in Instagram is finally happening. Instagram announced on Twitter that the long-requested feature would begin to appear in iOS and Android apps this week in version 7.15, though leaks revealed a few users were already seeing the feature last week. Select users in the app’s official beta testing group for Android received the update back in November with version 7.12 as the social network was testing the functionality. Since then, Instagram users have been waiting in eager anticipation for a full rollout.

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Facebook Etiquette

rtr4c0uzTo Facebook Friend Your Boss, Or Not To Facebook Friend Your Boss; that seems to be the question of the century. Facebook Etiquette Today: Private lives have always been just that; private; until the first appearance of Facebook on college campuses in 2004 and in the work place in 2007. Before then, personal and private lives were shared through word of mouth, phone calls, letters, and emails. Now, no matter much one tries to keep their private and work lives separate from each other, they seem to always mix when it comes to social media. Private lives were easier to control before Facebook because it was controlled mostly by the person speaking and not other people tagging on your behalf. Facebook allows people to place every moment in their every day lives online, while the human race has lost the art of communication in person. Continue reading

Reaching older adults online

Reaching older adults online as the audience grows

Reaching older adults online is an important part of communication planning. The audience of older adults using the internet and mobile technology has grown quickly. Identifying your audience(s) and tracking changes to the audience over time can improve the digital strategy for your organization or client.

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Generations at Work

Today there are many generations at work, interacting with each other on a daily basis.  Sometimes this gives rise to frustration, conflict and misunderstanding.  The first generational type is the Traditional Generation was born between 1925 and 1945. They do not like the change; they are not very risk tolerant, and have a respect for authority and hard work.  The second generational type is Baby Boomer was born between 1946 and 1964, were brought up in an abundant, healthy post-war economy, and becoming an egocentric generation. The third generational type is Generation X was born between 1965 and 1980, was the first generation raised on “to do lists” and grew up with the high rate of blended families.  The fourth generational type is Generation Y (Millennials) born between 1981 and 1995. Generation Y (Millennials) has been portrayed as the next big generation, an enormously powerful group that has the sheer numbers to transform every life stage it enters.  The fifth generational type is Generation Z (Linkster) was born between 1995 to present.  Generation Z (Linkster) who are just about to enter the workforce. (Under 20)  The Generation Z (Linkster) who are more technologically savvy, and they have less socially skilled than previous generations.   Continue reading

Free College Tuition – Good in Theory, Terrible in Action

Will Free College Tuition Destroy the US Economy?

In discussions centered on higher education in the United States, the total cost of attendance is one of the most nail-biting topics. Students feel the burden of their education long after graduation, many for decades. The mental image of a “sixty year old, soon-to-be retired, hard working American still paying off student loans” floods both media outlets and the political arena alike. This image pulls at the emotions of those paying off loans, and parents sending their children away to college. It encourages both groups to become angry and join forces in supporting any initiative that would reduce the burden. The latest “call to action” surrounding higher education is the notion of free college tuition. While a solid idea in theory, in reality, this plan would completely destroy one of our nation’s oldest and most beloved industries. Continue reading

Social Media Expert, Social Inexpert

This is a photo of two people shaking hands while checking social mediaHow Social Media Makes us Socially Inept

The emergence of social media has made us socially inept as a society. Things weren’t always this way. Ever wonder why when you meet a person face-to-face for the first time it can seem like the most awkward of encounters? When you extend your hand to shake theirs and look them in the eye, they look right past you as if they’ve seen a pink unicorn over your shoulder. Continue reading

Educate Dallas Kids thru Night Nature Hike

Night Nature Hike Educates Dallas Children

For hundreds of years during a full moon Comanche Indian children have been guided to The Story Telling Place.  Teaching while on a nature hike – through story telling – is a great tool to educate kids.  About life and nature!  The mystery of walking through a forest at night is both exhilarating and frightening.

This is a photo of a full to educate kids in nature.

Full moon over bowl-shaped indention of white limestone chalk

Even Dallas children can become great explorers and adventurers when challenge, mystery and opportunity are provided.  During the full Christmas moon, a group of kids were taken for special story telling evening.  After winding through a moon dappled footpath – with branches reaching out and the quiet rustling among the leaves – the explorers came upon an opening in the woods. A natural limestone shaped amphitheater called The Story Telling Place. The Comanche people have deemed this site sacred. The past magic of the full moon reflection still bounces off the chalk rocks.


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Snapchat, the Next Texting Tool of Future Generations

Is Snapchat the Next Texting Tool of Future Generations?

Has Snapchat emerged from its infancy as a sexting app to Snapchat the next texting tool of choice?  Snapchat appears to have grown up and is the primary choice of communication for the younger generations.  Snapchat is a real-time digital communications forum where one can combine photos, videos, sound, and text within your message through unique filters. Snapchat with its combination of text, photos, and videos is an unbelievably fun way to communicate.  The saying a picture is worth a thousand words comes to life within the Snapchat environment.  Read more about how Snapchat mixes video and texting. Continue reading

Wine and Social Media: A Perfect Blend for success?

This is a photo of vineyards for wine and social media.So you’ve tweeted a picture-perfect shot of your vines glistening in the California sun, fabulous. But are wine and social media the perfect blend to increased sales at your winery?

Consider that the last of the millennials have just turned 21 and are drinking more wine than any other generation. Of the 77 million young people classified as millennials, well over half are choosing wine as their beverage of choice. Wine and social media are the perfect blend to higher winery sales. Continue reading

Winter Yoga: Build heat and keep Kapha in balance

Winter YogaAn Effective Winter Yoga Practice Balances Kapha

Do you suffer from the “winter blues?” 10 million Americans are impacted by Seasonal Affective Disorder, the most common form of which is winter depression. Yoga and Ayurveda offer guidance on how we can create a winter yoga practice and adjust our lifestyle to combat feelings of depression and lethargy.  Continue reading

Social Media Shopping is Gaining Traction in 2016

This is a photo of social media shopping cart.

Social Media Shopping is expected to increase greatly in 2016.

Social media shopping combines the best of both worlds: social media and ecommerce. It includes the key elements of social media sites such as friends, opinions, comments and discussions.  It centers these social media elements around the activity of online shopping.
Consumers have been shopping online for over twenty years. As with anything, there have been tradeoffs. The process seems isolating. It’s not as fun as shopping in person with friends. On the other hand, online shoppers have the advantage of filtering products easily by size, color, brand, etc. to quickly find exactly what they want. While basic online shopping was mostly a personal and solitary endeavor, social media shopping thrives on interaction with others and sharing opinions, likes and reviews on products. Continue reading