Opinions in 140 Characters

Opinions in 140 Characters

Has social media become our microphone and platform for voicing everything?  It seems like in 2016 and for the past few years, we voice our opinions in 140 characters.  Twitter has become one of the most popular social media sites and has taught us to send and read short messages, within 140 characters.  But specifically to Twitter, seems to be its use to voice any and all opinions.  We find out breaking news and updates on the site but more importantly it is where consumers tell just really how the feel about a subject or issue.  People use twitter to share their stance and discourse and to feel they have directly informed the person or source whom they probably would have no chance of communicating with without the social networking service.

This is exactly what Starbucks customers decided to do on February 22 when the company announced its new rewards program launching in April,.  The incentive of the program is to earn stars through repeated visits in order to enjoy free drinks and food rewards.  Originally the program gave gold status to customers after earning 30 stars in a year and those customers with gold status receive a free food or drink after 12 stars.

However, the new reward program requires 300 starts in order to reach gold status and then the free rewards, the food and drinks, do not come into play until after earning 125 stars.  CNN Money explains the breakdown of how much a customer would roughly spend in order to earn the 300 stars and then the 125 stars in order to gain the gold member status.


Why exactly are customers upset?  This new program requires spending more money!  And really, why do customers join the reward program?  Yes, to gain the free rewards at some point.  Customers hope to spend as little as possible per visit, those who spend maybe $2 can earn gold member status eventually; but the new program will require spending about $5 per visit now.  The company made the decision based on customer requests for a program based on spending but customers did not agree with the changes.  Twitter filled with customers tweeting Starbucks to voice their opinions on the new program and how upset they were.

This is a picture of a tweet with opinions in 140 characters

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