Job Hunting in the Age of LinkedIn

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The Hidden Power of People Skills in a LinkedIn Society

Job hunting in the age of LinkedIn is simple as pushing a button on your smartphone app. Can it really be that effortless? In a recovering job market, the emergence of networking sites appear to level the playing field for everyone. However, research has shown that social skills play a major role in landing jobs in today’s competitive labor market. 

The first place most people turn when job hunting is one of the numerous jobs sites available. In addition to LinkedIn, folks might visit sites like CareerBuilder, Indeed, or Glassdoor. Truth is you might actually fare better by having a simple conversation. It’s your likable factor that will lead to breaking down doors, while your linked in profile could only hope to get your foot in.

The hidden job market isn’t as tough to crack as one would think. In fact, there are many strategies you can use to speed along the job hunting process. One example is a courtesy interview. This is where you get a chance to control the conversation. While not formal in nature, this meeting serves as an opportunity to market yourself to a possible employer without the stress of a formal interview. Here’s where leveraging your sizable LinkedIn network comes into play. Take the opportunity to reach out to hiring managers and let them know what you’re looking for and that you are available. Remember, no one sells you like you.

Make no mistake, background and experience are critical factors as well. However, with more companies placing greater emphasis on culture, personality is what matters most. It’s what sets you apart and hiring managers want to know if you’ll be a fit. People skills can’t be measured by the resume software many of today’s companies use. So when you find yourself looking for your next great job opportunity, go ahead and tweak your LinkedIn profile a bit. Just be sure to follow that up with some lunches, conferences, and happy hours to boost you to the top of the hiring list.



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