Facebook Etiquette

rtr4c0uzTo Facebook Friend Your Boss, Or Not To Facebook Friend Your Boss; that seems to be the question of the century. Facebook Etiquette Today: Private lives have always been just that; private; until the first appearance of Facebook on college campuses in 2004 and in the work place in 2007. Before then, personal and private lives were shared through word of mouth, phone calls, letters, and emails. Now, no matter much one tries to keep their private and work lives separate from each other, they seem to always mix when it comes to social media. Private lives were easier to control before Facebook because it was controlled mostly by the person speaking and not other people tagging on your behalf. Facebook allows people to place every moment in their every day lives online, while the human race has lost the art of communication in person.

This being said, studies have shown that the mass amount of communication online and through mediums other than talking in a conversation, have hurt our communication skills in more ways than one. Not only is our view of success skewed, but our view of happiness is completely off. It is way easier to post how great an event is online, even if it really isn’t that great in real life. Skewing how we view ourselves on our Facebook pages has become the way we think of ourselves. In a way, we aren’t being true to our real-selves. This comes to the biggest question of the century; is having your work mates or your boss on your Facebook page appropriate?  (See more How Social Media is Hurting us Emotionally)

Most would say to keep private lives out of the work place; the other few would say that it does not matter. In reality, it matters. It all matters; whether you are telling about the mad rave you went to on Friday or your friends are seeing photos of it for themselves. Not keeping your personal life out of the work place is unprofessional and childish. Facebook Etiquette today includes having your most personal friends on your profile, as well as some acquaintances. While some of the more popular humans of our time like to have millions of friends and followers follow their every move; you must realize that their posts are not real in real life.  Even though the Facebook etiquette of today’s work place has been evolving into a more comfortable setting, more accommodations, and even more flexible hours, I do not think that the work place is ready for a whole lot of personal baggage that comes with having everyone at the office on your profile.

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