Emoji’s Made Social Media More Social

Emoji’s Made Social Media More Social

During the early stages of text messaging and social media, character counts were maxed out at 140, and users had to find inventive ways to use their “voice”. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions became challenging to express, and with messaging rates still at a price/per, long conversations were too expensive for most users. Networks became bogged down and engineers and researchers were called up to create solutions. A Japanese research facility began testing a new form of expression. One that only took 1 character to convey, the Emoji. Emoji’s made social media more social immediately and the world of digital communication was forever changed.

Emoji's Made Social Media More Social

Emoticon, Emoji…What’s the Difference?

Emoji’s are simply singular pictographs, simple enough. However; before all end users had the ability to use the emoji’s that we’re all familiar with today, emoticon’s were used. An emoticon is a combination of an emotion + a text icon used as a string of characters to convey a feeling. If one were trying to express happiness, a colon and a closed parentheses would be combined to form a happy face :). Emoji’s are much more visual, usually have color, and with their wide-spread availability, have taken over the market as the go-to way to express feelings in the digital world. Allowing a visual representation of feelings to travel wirelessly across a room, or across the world, has revolutionized the world of the digital social space. Some thing as simple as this…Emoji's Made Social Media More Socialtells someone on the other end of the message, that I love what they have shared with me.  And I don’t have to say a word.

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