Emoji Marketing

Should your brand be using Emoji Marketing?

Could your brand benefit from using emoji marketing?  First off, let’s define exactly what emojis are.

These are images used in emoji marketing

Various emojis

Emojis are picture characters that can be incorporated into text, email, and other social media applications to convey a feeling or concept. These tiny images are changing the way we communicate online. Increasing numbers of people, especially younger users, are using emojis as a form of shorthand to quickly convey messages through visual content. Emoji usage and even the mention of the word ’emoji’ tripled from 2014 to 2015. This increase was so significant that when the Oxford Dictionary announced the 2015 Word of the Year, instead of a word it was actually an emoji.

As we increasingly use emojis as a common form of communication, marketers are eager to communicate in the same manner. This helps them connect with consumers in an unobtrusive way. Using emojis helps companies communicate in an easy-going, lighthearted style and shows that they’re on top of the latest communication trends.

If you decide to use emojis in your marketing efforts, remember to start small and test audience reactions. Incorporate the usage organically, don’t force it just to jump on the latest fad. This will ring false and be off-putting to your audience.  Make sure the usage fits with your overall brand image and voice. Emojis are probably too casual and cutesy for a serious topic or brand. Know your emojis. Understand exactly what they mean and how they should be used. Don’t miss the subtleties of image colors and situations where they may be inappropriate. Even a simple heart emoji can stand for various things when they are different colors. Make sure the image is not going to represent something that could be offensive. Know that emojis tend to be much more accepted in digital applications as opposed to print. For example, USA Today tried using the new Facebook ‘Reactions’ emojis on news headlines and the results were awkward.  Observe how your audience uses emojis and how usage evolves over time. There are usage differences based on age group, gender, location, even by country.

If you are able to keep it simple, original and easy to understand, you can definitely humanize your brand and insert an emotional layer to your marketing by using emojis.


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