Dunking For Dollars


This is a picture of Jordan Kilganon dunking a basketball during the NBA All-star dunk contest.

IMAGE: basket4us.com

The Decision Social Media All-star Jordan Kilganon Made to Turn Dunking Into Dollars

Dunking a basketball and doing it well can certainly lead to a pocket full of dollars.  On the other hand, in today’s job market, there’s no guarantee that a college education will immediately lead to a job.  Yet we are told from childhood the importance of going to college and that a degree is certain to open doors for you.  With his recent showing of inspiring athleticism at the 2016 NBA Dunk Contest last week, Jordan Kilganon shoots all sorts of holes in that theory.  If there’s one take away from this post, it’s take your best shot (or dunk) doing what you love most. 

Nearly 3/4 of the way into finishing a degree in industrial design, Jordan Kilganon had a light bulb moment.  He didn’t see the benefit of continuing to pursue a degree that didn’t come with any assurances of a job.  He instead made the bold decision to leave school and pursue a dunking career.  You read that right, dunking!  It bears mentioning that a quick search of LinkedIn didn’t return any jobs in that area of specialization.

It’s nice work, if you can get it.  But by no means is it an easy process for Kilganon.  He’s not exactly blessed with the gift of excessive height standing at 6’1.  But he what he lacks in size, he more than makes up with passion, determination, and practice.  Thanks in large part to social media, Kilganon has been able to amass a huge following oh his YouTube channel and at last count, his Instagram page was around 259K followers.  On the surface, it sounds ridiculous.  However, aside from the money he earns from winning dunk contests, Kilganon potentially stands to reap a bountiful harvest of cash from revenue streams that include product endorsements and his jump-training program, “Bounce-Kit”.  Safe to say, Jordan made the right call when he decided to bet on himself rather than the system.

So just how long could Jordan expect to make a living from dunking a basketball?  I’d say as long as the career of any other average NBA player, which is 4.5 years, or until his knees give out.  As long as there remains an interest in the sheer awesomeness of the dunk, and as long as smart phones keep getting smarter, videos of Jordan Kilganon creatively finding new ways to dunk a basketball will be floating around the internet for years to come.



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