Educate Dallas Kids thru Night Nature Hike

Night Nature Hike Educates Dallas Children

For hundreds of years during a full moon Comanche Indian children have been guided to The Story Telling Place.  Teaching while on a nature hike – through story telling – is a great tool to educate kids.  About life and nature!  The mystery of walking through a forest at night is both exhilarating and frightening.

This is a photo of a full to educate kids in nature.

Full moon over bowl-shaped indention of white limestone chalk

Even Dallas children can become great explorers and adventurers when challenge, mystery and opportunity are provided.  During the full Christmas moon, a group of kids were taken for special story telling evening.  After winding through a moon dappled footpath – with branches reaching out and the quiet rustling among the leaves – the explorers came upon an opening in the woods. A natural limestone shaped amphitheater called The Story Telling Place. The Comanche people have deemed this site sacred. The past magic of the full moon reflection still bounces off the chalk rocks.




The children gather in their seats and silence falls with their anticipation of the story.  This cold full moon the story is a lesson of “How the Female Eagle Chooses her Mate”.  The female puts the male eagle through a series of tests by dropping heavier and heavier logs to make sure he can catch and carry an eaglet if it were to fall from the high nest.

The Dallas children were also told how nomadic Comanches camped and traded along this trail in the early to mid-1800s. The trail dips and passes the mid-line between the lower wetland area and the bluffs, providing the Comanche’s a safe path to trade with the Caddo Indians further south. High places like The Story Telling Place are sacred because they are closer to heaven.  The site lies above and apart from the Comanche Indian camping areas.  The limestone itself has significant meaning to the Indians as they used to clean their weapons and nearby are medicinal plants used to heal and in sacred ceremonies.

As the moon weaves in and out of the clouds and the light brightens and fades, the children are told they are in the Great Trinity Forest, the largest urban forest in America!  Roughly 6,000 acres of hardwoods – venerable black walnuts, pecans, Texas buckeyes, oaks, ash, persimmons and more all live and thrive in the Trinity basin and surrounding cliffs.

For both Comanche and Dallas children, The Story Telling Place is the perfect adventure for a night nature hike, magic, stories and, oh, learning!

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