Cedar Ridge Preserves Nature and Minds

Cedar Ridge Preserves Nature and Minds

Imagine educating your kids in Dallas’ most beautiful nature preserves. Well you can. It may be just a few miles away but it’s hundreds of miles from the madness of carpools, appointments and over scheduled kids.

Picture of Cedar Ridge sign agains beautiful Texas sunset

Cedar Ridge Preserve Sign

While there are many nature options available, Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve is a Dallas treasure. Perched on the edge of the Edwards Plateau off Highway 67, it’s the ideal place where both parents and kids can truly take a breath, relax and revel in Dallas’ own slice of the hill country. Besides the views at an elevation of 775 feet, it’s where the Blackland Prairie meets the limestone escarpment of the plateau. It’s one of the few places in Dallas kids get to see native grassland, wildflowers, and spectacular hills all in one place. Not to mention, those incomparable Texas sunsets and coyotes serenading at dusk and morning!


It’s here, mothers can take a break, while their kids educate themselves – exploring nature safely in the confines of this precious preserve.  For younger children, Katie Christman, Dallas Audubon Education Specialist , gives a tip to tell the kids “run ahead and come back”.  Katie has seen that the snail colony alone can fascinate a young child for up to an hour!  Children also delight in the “Five Senses Garden” where they are literally allowed – and encouraged – to feel, rub, smell plants.  One of the senses that at most other places children are not allowed to indulge.  Cedar Ridge Nature Preserve also has a spectacular butterfly garden which can dazzle any child.  Older kids have the bonus of 9 miles of trails to explore.  Some cover challenging rugged paths.  The trails are wild enough for an older kids to really have a sense of adventure.

Every time a visitor goes to this gem of varied terrain there are surprises.  All types of birds abound due to the wetland area. One type of native plants is sure to be blooming, various insects are always out and a road runner might make an unexpected dash across the trail at any moment.  Meanwhile, hummingbirds regularly dive bomb native plants providing limitless time of delight.

Hummingbird dive bombing a bright purple Compact Prairie Clover at Cedar Ridge

Hummingbird dive bombing a Compact Prairie Clover in “Five Senses Garden”

Grey Heron in Cedar Ridge Preserve Cattail Pond

Grey Heron in Cedar Ridge Preserve Cattail Pond

Besides being close and safe, one of the best parts for a mom is that there is little to no preparation needed and dogs are allowed a Cedar Ridge.  Just grab the kids, the dog and go!  While these all these activities are fun, kids are absorbing education without a teacher or a set-up classroom  – naturally!  Cedar Ridge Preserves nature and minds!






Cedar Ridge Preserve

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