Biblical precepts, karma, health

God’s biblical precepts are both spiritual and physical. Our biblical health and wellness i.e. karma, (mind, body and spirits) are subject to these laws yet we see and unhealthy church ignoring these precepts. The laws of nature are part of this health and wellness karma. Biblical karma cannot be better explained than by reading the  AMPC (Amplified Bible Classic Addition) version of  Galations6:7. “Do not be deceived and deluded and misled; God will not allow Himself to be sneered at, scorned, disdained or mocked by mere pretensions or professions or by His precepts being set aside. We inevitably delude ourselves when we attempt to delude God. For whatever we sow, that and that only is what we will reap.” I call this biblical karma. Karma defined refers to the spiritual principle of cause and effect where intent and actions of an individual (cause) influence the future of that individual (effect).
The laws of nature are part of these precepts and when we violate these laws our physical health pulls us down. One cannot expect to smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day, eat donuts for breakfast and expect good health and spiritual holiness. That would be a mockery of God’s law in my previously mentioned Galations scripture. Have you ever heard a woman cry out to God concerning her husbands lung cancer.? “Oh God, why did you allow my husband to get lung cancer!” You could almost hear God reply, “Why did he smoke two packs of cigarettes a day?”
We know foods are chemicals and chemicals affect our brains our thought life and spiritual walk. Let me ask you this. Why do the Sunday schools continue to feed our children candy as a reward for answering biblical questions correctly? Why are church community events like Fall Festivals, in leu of Halloween, distributing massive amounts of candy to attract children to hear the gospel? When asked these questions church leaders respond that no one will show up if they don’t offer these poisons. Well then, let’s just offer them a shot of whiskey! When you study the effects on the blood it has the same impact! How long will we continue to watch children and  adults die in the church because we refuse to link our bible with its precepts on health and wellness?

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