Are Bloggers Talking About Your Wines?

5 tips to get bloggers talking about your winesThis is a photo of are bloggers talking about your wines?

If they are not already, you absolutely want to find a way to get bloggers talking about your wines. Data collected by BlogHer shows that 87% of people have made a purchase after reading a blog review of it. There are more than 1,300 wine bloggers currently writing worldwide. It’s the new media. Combined, the top 20 wine bloggers have more readers than Wine Spectator. With so many wine bloggers how do you go about finding and engaging with the writers who will help you grow your brand and sell more wine? Try these 5 tips to get the right bloggers talking about your wines.

Do your research – search for “wine blogs” and you’ll receive more hits than you can review. Be specific; look for topics and writers who relate to you and your wines. Consider if you like their writing style; is it casual or formal – lighthearted or academic? Find blogs written with a positive spin that include great images. If you like the writing, next ask – does it work with your brand image?

Consider what you want – are you looking for someone to write one review on a new varietal you are growing or would you prefer multiple posts about your current release party? Maybe you are interested in an ongoing collaboration with one writer or occasional feature on different blogs.

Narrow it down – you have an idea of what bloggers are writing and have matched the options with what you are trying to achieve, now look for a good fit. Focus on bloggers with a strong following, an engaged audience, and a history of thoughtful reviews.

Make your move – most wine bloggers (82.4%) write because they have a passion for wine. Send a bottle of your wine for them to try without the expectation of their writing about it. If they choose to feature a write-up with thoughts on your wine – it will be personal. Invite local bloggers to a winery event or a winemaker led tasting. For best coverage, provide plenty of photo ops, while you introduce them to your wines and your story.

Follow up – if a blogger writes positively about your wine; repost the piece and share with your followers. Include a link to the story on your website and social sites. Email a thank you and stay in touch, they may include you again in the future.

Wine bloggers are primarily writing for the love of wine – not money –so receiving wine is the motivation they need to write about you. Find bloggers you can connect with, reach out to them and their followers and you all win.

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