Facebook video views, what is a real view?

Are those high numbers on the video post real Facebook video views?

If the  Facebook video views are not dissected and one is relying on those inflated Facebook video view numbers, we’re afraid that everyone is being fooled. Let’s talk about Facebook video views and let’s get real. What are accurate Facebook video views? According to the latest statistics on a Facebook video view, if the video is watched for three seconds it is counted as a video view.  Within both Instagram and Facebook if a video is viewed for three seconds it counts as a video view. Let’s compare the Facebook and Instagram video view to a You Tube video view. In a You Tube world a video view must be viewed for thirty seconds to count as a true video view. This brings us to the question is three seconds in Facebook really long enough to qualify for a video view?

Real Facebook video views

Let’s start to dive deeper into our Facebook Video Metrics. Within the Facebook analytics one needs to dive past the standard post insight where it provides a total number of views and a total reach on the video post. This number is often bigger than what is really being viewed. One needs to access the Video insights to see the Facebook video metrics broken down further. Under the video insights tab one can now see how many viewers watched the video for three seconds or more. Next,  look at the graph below and it provides how many times that same video was watched for thirty seconds or more. To provide an example here, on one of our client’s Facebook video posts looking at the Facebook video view metric of three seconds or more this video had 2,845 views. Take that same video and look to the Facebook metric that shows how many times this same video was viewed for thirty seconds or more and that number drops to a lower 447 video views. We recommend when reviewing the Facebook video views to report both the three-second view and the thirty-second view numbers to the client. Let’s get real with the Facebook video views and dive into those video metrics to produce some accurate numbers for the client and for ourselves.

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