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Presentations for Wk 1, 1/23/16



Schedule – Spring 2016


Syllabus – Spring 2016


Assignment: Weekly Blog Posts

Here is the detailed assignment sheet for your weekly blog posts. Note, your first post is due this next Wednesday.

Blog posts must be published on under your personal login (more about that in class) no later than 11:59p each Wednesday.

We will discuss all of this in class on Friday.




Assignment: You will write and publish a blog every Wednesday during the term of this class.

Purpose: Creating content for and writing blogs on various topics using a rigid deadline and SEO requirement.

Due: Complete blogs are due by 11:59pm each Wednesday.

Grading: If your blog is late or does not achieve a “green dot” for SEO it does not count. Each blog must be published before 11:59p.

You decide the content of each post based on the following directions:

Audience: PR and communications professionals, young and old

Topics: Imagine our class is a professional Marketing and PR firm and you are tasked with enriching their understanding of digital communications, especially social media. Teach them about social strategy, tips and techniques, the uses and misuses of each social network, great tools to use to listen and monitor digital communications, special applications in a given industry or business type, interesting and influential speakers or authors — in short, anything having to do with digital communication that is meaningful to the audience.

Your topic can stretch to include industry specific uses or general business uses and best practices of digital communication.

Always research your topic before you begin to write, both to see if it has been covered before by others and to gain new knowledge for use in the post.

Copying passages from other blogs or pages will receive an SEO penalty, is unacceptable and will not be accepted.

If you question your topic, contact me before you begin to research and write.

You are not bound by AP Style, but your writing must be GSP perfect and should always be business-acceptable. Avoid street slang or industry jargon.

SEO – The WordPress SEO plugin will be fully explained in class. It gives each post a color-dot rating from gray to green, depending on how well you executed SEO requirements. Its operation is self-explanatory. Only a green-
dot blog will be accepted on your blog posts.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

Additional Information:

Quote sources as appropriate, especially other blog articles or websites. Cite book mentions, blog or online news article mentions specifically. Use links where possible to lead your readers to other materials if you want to give them the option to read further on the subject.

Always include two outbound links and a graphic (with alt. tags) in your blog articles.

Be watching for subject material every day. Don’t wait until the last minute and panic.