How to Use Twitter for Business more Efficiently

 Twitter for BusinessIf you’re not using Twitter for business than you’re probably missing out on reaching a whole group of potential customers! Many businesses have incorporated Twitter into their social media marketing and most have found success. That said it is important to know how to use your Twitter account to its full potential, especially when it is a company account. Below are a few steps to help you use Twitter for business for efficiently.

Present your brand correctly on Twitter for Business

Your Twitter account and profile are very important to your overall Twitter presence and an incomplete profile can hurt your experience on Twitter. Your profile is your chance to tell the community who your are, what your do, and basically tell your story. Most importantly, it is essential to make all your social media accounts look the same and be uniformed so people can identify you much faster.

Complete your whole profile

Always use an appropriate username that people will have an easy time relating back to your brand or company name. The same goes for your profile picture, which you should never leave blank, since blank profile picture profiles are often seen as scam accounts. Provide your website url or your blog url to let people know that your are a legitimate business. Finally, do not forget to use the 160 characters provided by Twitter to tell people who you are and what you do in your Bio. This helps people determine if they will find your tweets useful and if they even want to begin following your profile.

Begin Following people

One of the most important features of Twitter is to follow people. When you begin following others this allows you to read everything they tweet. This can be very beneficial for business because you can directly respond to their tweet if you see it is aligned with your messaging or product/service. Make sure you follow the right people and not just everyone because the people you follow defines how your news feed will look as well.

Begin interacting with people

It’s one thing to follow people, it’s another to begin interacting with them. It is important to listen to what others want so you know what types of tweets you want to be putting out into the community: transactional, operational, or/and reputational.

Transactional Tweets

Transactional tweets are basically tweets that tell people the types of products or services your business offers. It can also be tweeting the benefits of your products, which can be very helpful messaging for customers to listen too.

Operational Tweets

Operational tweets are messages that basically convey operational instructions. This could be telling customers how to use your products correctly once they have purchased them.

Reputational Tweets

Reputational tweets are basically messages that help create a brand perception. Let people know what your company finds important, what your employees are doing and what great activities your business participates in throughout the community. Seeing these messages and images helps put a face to your business, which makes it more accessible to people.

Drive people to your Website, Blog, and other Accounts

The best part of using Twitter for business is the fact that you can drive people to your blogs, website, white papers and even your other social media profiles. One great way to drive traffic on Twitter is to add a link to your desired url within your tweet. Since your are limited to the number of characters per tweet (140) it is important to use a url shortener so you can add more of your message. The message is very important because it is the one that will compel people to actually press on the link you have posted, so make it count.

Now you have some important tips on how to use Twitter for business more efficiently! Now go on and TWEET!

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