Twitter for Attorneys – Getting Started

Twitter Logo

Twitter as a social media platform, much like a Twitter newsfeed, has no intention on slowing down. At only 140 characters per tweet, it is fast, bite-sized bits of information.  This makes it extremely easy to consume  for busy professionals. Twitter, for attorneys is a must use tool.


The Who & What – Twitter for Attorneys

Who should you follow?  Anyone and everyone that you want to learn information from.  Twitter is a fantastic listening tool – you should follow clients, companies, potential clients, peers, competition, and industry leaders to name a few.  You can go directly to their Twitter page or keep up with their latest in your Twitter feed. Twitter users come from all over the world so you can keep up with the world events easily.  By using the #hashtag feature you can quickly search for information.

What should you tweet? If you don’t feel comfortable with tweeting, sit back and observe.  You can also retweet from other users.  Once you see how others do it, you can use the 140 characters to share your thoughts, quotes, and interesting stats.  If you blog, Twitter is a great place to push out your blog posts.

Google Search results with TwitterA really good reason to be active on Twitter is, as of May of this year, your tweets will show up in a Google search.  Tweets have a very high Google search rank, so they will show up on the front page of a Google search page.

Under most circumstances, attorneys do NOT need to file their Twitter account for advertising review in Texas.

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