Top Accounts to Follow on Instagram

instagram_2787001bEveryone and there dogs (literally) have an Instagram account these days, and with so many accounts it’s hard to find the top accounts to follow on Instagram. With over 300 million monthly active users, there is an Instagram account for just about anything. From fashion blogs, health tips, foodie blogs, and inspirational quotes, here is a list of Instagram accounts you don’t want to miss out on:

1. @KrauseAdvertising – Because their social media manager totally rocks. You will surely want to follow this account on Instagram 😉

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2. @WilliamGoldbergDiamonds -For the world’s most breathtaking diamond jewelry. And their social media manager totally rocks, too 😉

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3. @happsters – For your daily injection of happiness.

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4. @Puppiesforall – Because who doesn’t love puppies?! Your daily does of cuteness overload.

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5. @homegoods – For design inspiration.

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6. @targetstyle – For a mix of home, fashion and beauty. Plus their Instagram feed is shoppable!

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7. @cleaneatz – This account will make you truly want to eat well every day.


8. @wholefoods– Your dose of drool-inducing food pics.

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9. @airbnb– The world’s most interesting places to stay.

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10. @thefatjewish– You will be LOLing every time you scroll through your feed.

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12.@f***jerry – Wildly popular and hilarious account.

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12. @humansofny –  For feeling a little less alone. Many of these stories are ones of triumph, which are sure to provide inspiration for overcoming the obstacles in your own life.

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13. @lionwhisperersa – Creating awareness via pictures and posts to dwindling lion populations.

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14. @coryrichards – Named National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2012, and is on the North Face athletic team, his feed will not disappoint.

7  9

15. @mashable – From breaking news and cityscapes to live events and cute animals.

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16. @gopro – Epic gopro photos will make you want to live life on the edge.

27  30

17. @natgeo – With 26.5 million followers, it’s the top non-celebrity Instagram account. These photos truly speak for themselves.

5   55

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