The Finest Thread of a Bespoke Shirt

fall2015With a JHilburn custom shirt you may be assured every thread is considered and inspected. The Albini Group produces fabrics with state of the art machinery for spinning and weaving fabric. Raw yarn is carefully selected, analyzed, and controlled for moisture. Only the best threads will become Albini yarns and will undergo testing for twist, strength, and stitch to insure the optimal quality for weaving. The continuity of all the colors are monitored by machines to insure colors selected for design are steadfast for the pattern for the weave. Ultimately, the threads are going through a quality control process and the threads will move on to be dyed. These dyed threads are now ready for the weaving step. In the weaving stage, fabrics are carefully inspected before being sent for finishing. The finishing step transforms the fabric to it’s final color and appearance.

Preparing the Fabric for Weaving

Albini fabrics are prepared in an array of steps where they are fired under to remove the “hairy” substance from the thread.. The fabric is them emersed and adjitated in a cold water bleach.and will move on to looms where a machine can pass though at 600 passes per minute. The fabric moves on to singeing, where the fabric passes through at high speeds over a flame to achieve a smooth fabric. The fabric is then emersed into a cold water bleach and agitated for 36 hours which helps to brighten the color for final handle and color appearance. Mercerization is the next process which gives a particular luster and color to the cotton fabric. And to insure the color of a solid shirt, 48 hours immersion is required.
At this point, the final stages of preparing the fabric is over. In the last step, the fabric is sanforized to insure the warp of the fabric is stabalized and is run throught a machine at the Albini factory to compact the fabric. Through this operation this will insure that the fabric will not continue to shrink during its lifetime. Lastly, the fabric is run through a series of quality assurance tests. This is where and how your JHilburn fabric was born.

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