The Easy Life of High Rise Living


Who doesn’t want someone to open the door for you as you enter or leave your home? You don’t have to be a member of the Top 100 wealthiest to live like one when you live the easy life of high rise living. Literally doors open for you when you live in an environment designed specifically for your ease of living. Collectively speaking, when the design of your living space is based on the greatest amount of comfort and aesthetic appeal possible, the outcome is generally one of high appeal.

Beauty and Stress Free in High Rise Living

Aside from magnificent fresh floral arrangements which seem to magically appear in hallways and foyers throughout the building on what seems to be on a daily basis, there always seems to be a genuine feeling of camaraderie between the people who live quietly around you. Graciousness usually abound in a high rise because people generally don’t have much stress in their lives when they’re enjoying the easy life of high rise living. They’re not worried about  the endless to-do list which accompanies living in a house. Not to mention, the angst which derives from living on a block where each home competes for the best and greenest lawn.

Sense of Equality in High Rise Living

When you live the easy life of high rise living there is no competition amongst the neighbors who live in the same building. Their house isn’t bigger or smaller, their yard isn’t more or less manicured, the cars parked in the driveway are not cleaner or shinier then yours. When you live in a shared environment at least in the common areas, there is a sense of equality that creates commonality amongst all who live together under one big shared roof. When you see a neighbor in a hallway or share an elevator ride, which in fact doesn’t happen very often, it’s almost a surprise and you welcome the small and sincere interaction. The doors may be all the same, but the people behind them are as varied as the flowers in a botanical garden.

High rise living often begets built in accommodations such as a library room, business office or conference room. Beautiful lobbies often accompany today’s high rises which almost have exquisite sitting areas where one can relax in what could be described as a grand parlor. It’s not quite all yours, but a small section of that sofa is.


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