The Bespoke Boy Personalizes a JHilburn Suit

RevengeSuitWith a nice fitting shirt, you’ll want to take care of a bespoke suit with your personal touches. With JHilburn you’ll find an array of choices you’ve never had before. A large selection of fabrics from the finest mills in Italy, working buttons, an array of button choices, pockets, linings, a half-lined jacket, and one, two, or three button notches.

With your measurements already taken, you can begin your personalization choices. Now to decide on grey, blue, black, solid, stripe, window pane, or plaid. The choices can not only be seen in person in your one-on-one JHilburn appointment, you can take a look at the finished product on-line at The details are in the finished touches like hand sewn in sleeves and precise hand stitching at the collar. The linings come with two suggested choices, but there are designer choices in paisley, fancy dots, and micro jacquard. How about six choices of distressed buttons? Or perhaps four more choices in smoke and natural shell and metal in antique silver and antique brass metal. And if you already have a suit preference, JHilburn has selected suit styles in The Wall Street, The Kennedy, The Bond Street, The Cooper, The Hacking Jacket, The Gable, and The Patrick which can be edited to fit your style.

Your JHilburn Suit Selections

In the JHilburn Suit you have selections in lapels, button stance, pockets, vents, working button holes at the sleeve, and two lining

The Bespoke Boyconstructions; lined and half-lined. In the late spring and summer months you have the half-lined construction to keep you cool, yet on point with your wardrobe. And lastly, your JHilburn jacket fit. There is the classic fit. This is a more traditional fit offering unrestrictive shoulders, chest, and sleeves, and has a standard body length for a clean look. The tailored fit features a silhouette that is slightly shorter and narrower than the classic fit. It offers clean shoulders, chest, and sleeves. And lastly, the european fit offering a fashion forward look and feel. It features narrow shoulders, chest, and sleeves as well as our shortest body length. You’ll be excited to see your JHilburn personalized suit. Watch out conference room!

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