Living in a world where beyond the sky has no limits, developing a daily yoga practice, Sadhana, may be difficult for some. Waking up enthusiastically and motivated, coordinating the unpredictability of life to fit in with our multiple organized roles, and allowing time for self-care and conscious healthy living, well, that’s a lot for one day!

Within yogic philosophy, “Sadhana” means a daily spiritual practice. It is a self-discipline devoted to a time of day to notice patterns and create awareness. Sadhana is a conscious activity of developing and maintaining a constant regular practice.

In Kundalini Yoga, there is a natural 40-day rhythm to habits in the body and mind. By practicing a “kriya”, set of yoga postures, or meditation, for a certain period of time breaks, establishes, and confirms a habit, leading to mastery.


40 Days: Practice every day for 40 days straight. This will break any negative habits that block you.

90 Days: Practice every day for 90 days straight. This will establish a new habit in your conscious and subconscious minds.

120 Days: Practice every day for 120 days straight. This will confirm the new habit of consciousness created.

1000 Days: Practice every day for 1000 days straight. This will allow you to master the new habit of consciousness.

In the Aquarian Teacher Manual by Yogi Bhajan, we are reminded that habits are chain reactions.

Remember, a habit is a subconscious chain reaction between the mind, the glandular system and the nervous system. We develop habits at a very young age. Some of them serve our highest destiny. Some of them do not. By doing a 40, 90, 120 or 1000 day special sadhana, you can rewire that chain reaction. You can develop new, deeply ingrained habits that serve your highest good.

Practicing yoga daily and developing you own unique sadhana has so many benefits; creating flexibility, strengthening and toning muscles, releasing toxins, and aligning the mind and body. If you can’t make it to a yoga class, just breathe and sit in stillness for at least 15 minutes. It will change your whole perspective, perception, and mindset.

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