Road Trip Relief – Vintage Stores from Dallas to Austin

car-171416_1280 (2)For those of you who have made the excruciating drive from Dallas to Austin, you know that the southbound “three hour” trip can feel – and sometimes take – much longer.  So, before you gas up, give yourself a pep talk, and prepare to navigate the concrete barriers and seemingly endless tail lights, give yourself something to look forward to.

Consider this your road trip relief –  stops at vintage stores from Dallas to Austin.

Dallas Vintage Stores

Keep yourself entertained once you hit the road by thinking about that amazing vintage find you just made off of Henderson Avenue and Highway 75.

Dolly Python –

Walk through the front door of this 3,800 square foot vintage emporium, and you’ll most likely be greeted by the sweet resident pup. The front of the store is a treasure trove of vintage men’s and women’s clothing and boots from the 1940’s through the 1980s. It’s also home to 30 different dealers and cosnsignors selling a variety of unique finds including old photos, vintage vinyl, strange art, lamps of all kinds, collectibles, camp and kitsch.

Vintage Martini –

Feeling fancy?  Head down the street to Vintage Martini, which is run by vintage addicts turned dealers, who have amassed an impressive collection of high end vintage and designer couture.  You may just walk out feeling as glamorous as Sue Ellen Ewing (You “Dallas” fans know what I’m talking about.)

West, Texas Vintage Store

West, Texas (not to be confused with “West Texas) is about a third to halfway through your southbound drive. Be sure to map this next suggestion out ahead of time, or you’re most likely to miss the exit, and a quintessential road trip “experience.”

The Style Station –

At first glance, you may wonder if you’ve come across an abandoned filling station.  Step inside and you’ll you’ll find its packed full of vintage treasures including cowboy boots, weathered levi’s, snap cowboy shirts and more.  This wonderful and quirky roadside attraction is run by it’s just as wonderful and quirky owners – conspiracy theories are not an uncommon topic of conversation.

Austin, Texas Vintage Stores

You’ll probably need a good margarita after crawling along your final stretch of the 35 corridor.  Exit Congress Avenue and head south until you can find parking near Guero’s Taco Bar or the retro-fabulous Austin Motel.  Walk up and down this trendy strip lined with an eclectic mix of new and vintage stores.

Uncommon Objects –

A South Congress “must see” – this store has been described as “your eccentric uncle’s attic on steroids, loaded with vintage finds, antiques and quirky odds and ends.

Prototype Vintage –

Just off of S. Congress with its entrance on Milton Street, this store is well organized and easier to navigate than most vintage shops. Referred to as “all killer, no filler” this gem carries “on trend” vintage finds for both men and women.  Bonus, Feathers Boutique, which carries women’s vintage threads and artisan jewelry is right next door.

This isn’t the only area in town to find vintage treasures, be sure to check out the impressive list and map, the Austin Vintage Around Town Guide.

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