Realizing Career Success with a Mentor

In today’s instant gratification, full speed ahead world why is it that mentoring seems like a forgotten or at least an overlooked art? That’s right, an art because you’re typically connecting with a master who has worked hard to get where they are and not only garnered your attention, but your respect as well.

For students and early career professionals, a mentor can help you see the proverbial “forest through the trees.” The possibilities in an industry or market you may be in today or the field you aspire to tomorrow. An experienced sage who may or may not see the glass as half-full, but who will always provide an opinion, an alternative perspective to what you see and how you think. And maybe surprisingly, for no cost other than acknowledging the thoughts rendered and sharing the reasons why you did or did not choose to accept the ideas presented.

Working with a mentor doesn’t need to be seen as a chore or an obligation to complete an assignment, but rather an open conversation where thoughts, ideas and feelings are shared on both sides. That’s right, the mentor will be learning from you almost as much as you will be learning from and about your mentor. Remember, each of us is unique with a different perspective on life, business, relationships and more that helps define who we are, how we think and certainly what we love to do.

When you think of a mentor stop and consider the power of a divining rod to seemingly find water where technology and experts alike are often unsuccessful. A powerful combination of faith, conviction and unquestioned expertise that despite the naysayers finds a way to succeed when everyone says stop, you’re wasting your time.

Studies have shown that each of us will change jobs 6, 7 or even 8 times over the course of our careers. Some will chase the money and not worry about the job itself, while others will forego the cash to make a contribution to life and their fellow man. And still others will pursue a career path that delivers on all fronts, personal and professional, and we’ll call them successful. The best, most experienced climbers in the world never begin an ascent without a guide, a sherpa at their side, so why embark on an unchartered course for success when having a trusted mentor can make all the difference.

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