Organize your Social Media

As a social media manager you may find it difficult to say organized. You walk into work everyday with a plan. As soon you sit down all the fire alarms set off. You have to post a new press release, you have to socialize an event, you have an angry client on twitter that you have to address, and you have a spontaneous meeting that derailed your day. That’s the typical day of a social media manager. How can one effectively get through the day organized in such a way that the fire alarms don’t totally throw your day off?

Organizing your social media can be difficult, but don’t let that stop you from getting it done.

Steps to Organizing your Social Media

Organizing your social media.

Organizing your social media.

  1. Keep your content calendar updated.
    • Planning out social your media post is time consuming. Taking time to initially plan out your content calendar will prove to be helpful in the long run. This will help you keep track of whats been posted and what still needs to go out.
  2. Schedule post ahead of time.
    • Scheduling post ahead of time will save you a ton of time. You can use platforms like Hootsuite and Sprout Social, just to name a few, to schedule out post and take control of your time.
  3. Look for relevant content.
    • As a social media manager we always have a day where we need more content/ fillers to keep your presence online. A great way to stay relevant is to search the internet for meaningful content. Try to find 2-3 sites and make them your go to.
  4. Create a “social content” email folder .
    • Are emails getting lost in your inbox? People message you daily to post about an article, blog, news etc. How are you keeping it all straight? Creating a social content folder will help you organize the influx of emails. Allowing you to look over them in one spot rather than having to deal with the nightmare of sifting through your inbox.
  5. Set a time limit for each task.
    • It’s easy to get in the zone and lose track of time. Scheduling out your day will help you stay on track and actually get your to-do’s done.

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