Mobile analytics, meet business objectives

mobile analyticsNomadax creators recently added mobile analytics to its android application.  After only a few weeks, the mobile analytics shed fresh light on user behavior, application design issues and potential target market.  With defined business objectives you can use mobile analytics to help achieve your business goals.  Below, we detail how mobile analytics could help achieve your business objectives.

Mobile analytics:  Sessions and Session Frequency

Wow, How can two very basic mobile analytics data points guide your business?  To start with the definition of ‘Session’ is the number of visits to your site.  Please know that 1 user (Juan) can visit your site multiple times, which would be counted as multiple sessions, but only as 1 unique user.  On Nomadax, you can see it had 463 sessions, 30% of the sessions (‘visits’) came from Central America.   When you look at the Session frequency, which measures the number of times a unique user (Juan), visited the site on a given day, you find 64.5% of the unique users visited Nomadax only once per day.

So what!  For the social network service, Nomadax the mobile analytics point to the need to add features to increase the number of times users go to the site.  We are adding new event notifications to the service.  We expect these notifications will prompt the user to go to the site.  You can use Session and Session frequency to adjust your service to meet a potential business objective of increasing the frequency the users come to your site.

Mobile analytics: New User per Region and Active User per region

With mobile analytics you can determine from which country, state, and city the new users are coming.  Also, you can study the Active User per region to determine which region had the most unique users.   Despite, Nomadax being developed as a social community for Latins, the mobile analytics show 29.5% of the new user coming from the Middle East.  The mobile analytics showed that although more sessions coming from Central America, more unique users came from the Middle East.  Meaning, Central America has a more loyal user who enters the service more often, but the Middle East has more unique users coming to the service daily.  Moreover, the Turkish language accounted for 15.7% of the sessions on the service during the specified time.

So what?   We are creating a marketing strategy to retrieve the Middle East users from the database and send them a targeted email asking them:  “Would you be willing to promote Nomadax  in your community, please contact”  Also, we are looking into adding support for Turkish.

Mobile analytics: Events

With mobile analytics you can track events.  Events are a way to track the pages or activities the user made on your service.  Based on your business objectives, you can set events such as pages that lead to monetization or pages that lead to a user leaving your site.  With mobile analytics, Nomadax creators were able to determine 65 users initiated step 1 of 3 of the registration process, but only 33 users went to step 2 of 3 of the registration.  Our creators quickly determined the registration process needs to be simplified because we are losing almost ½ of the users from the start.  It would be a wise idea to analyze the full flow of your service and make adjustments to the flow based on your business objectives.

Placing mobile analytics and analyzing them based on your business objectives could lead to a positive result.  Nomadax uses Flurry for mobile analytics.  You can learn about Flury in this video:   About Flurry Analytics

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