JHilburn Tuxedo = Mr. Refined

JHilburn Black TuxedoHere it comes, gala season. You may be thinking of heading to #rent a #tuxedo. But, did you know when renting four or more times you could be owning a tuxedo? With the exceptional choices in fabrics, midnight blue, super fine black, and black you’ll find the value of a #JHilburn tuxedo will last up to ten or more years. With the release of Casino Royal, the midnight blue has been a gentleman’s favorite choice. JHilburn also offers seasonal color choices such as burgundy, heather grey, blackwatch and more. Every #JHilburn tuxedo jacket comes with a special label in the interior lining┬áthat says “Crafted by [your initials]”. Allow four to six weeks production time. This will permit tailoring the tuxedo trousers for preferred break and any small alterations in the jacket.

JHilburn Tuxedo Designs

MrRefinedOk Mr. Refined, in your JHilburn jacket there are 20 options in the lining, 9 options in the lapel and button stance, 3 options in the vent, 8 options in pockets, and 4 button options. The fabric comes from Guabello which has been weaving extraofinary fabrics from its factory in Biella, Italy for over two centuries. You’ll enjoy the smooth feel and luxurious drape. The JHilburn tuxedo is sure to stand the test of time. In the #tuxedotrouser there are three front options, 2 waistband options, and three bottom options. It would be best to select the unhemmed bottom option to have the tailor set the break to your preference. And for a sweet revenge, JHilburn has an ivory revenge solid with Vitale Barberis Canonico’s “Revenge” Super 150. It’s number indicates the fineness of its individual fibers – the higher the number, the narrower the fiber. Which translates to a softer, smoother fabric ~ alright Mr. Refined.

Ordering your tuxedo and accessory elements such as #tuxedoshirt, buttons, cuff, and cumberbun can be found on the JHilburn website and will deliver in three days. You’ll feel so right and so together when all the elements are in place. Good times in your tuxedo.

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