Is the new version of Google Glass Water-Resistant?

google glass water-resistantBy now everyone has heard off, used them, or even bought the Google Glass Explorer edition, but now Google is coming out with Google Glass Enterprise edition. So, what new features are the new Google Glasses going to have? Is the new version of Google Glass water-resistant?

Lets first recap a few neat features of the Google Glass Explorer edition:

  1. Record Videos, Take Pictures: Just say the word and Google glass will do it without you having to touch the hardware again
  2. Show your messages: If you get a text message or an email, you will be able to see it right on the Google Glass
  3. Translate: Tell Google Glass to translate a certain word/phrase and it will show up right in front of your eyes

Those are a few amazing features of the Explorer edition, but with the coming launch of Google Glass Enterprise edition, what new features can be expected?

According to 9to5Google the Google glass Explorer Edition will have 3 new features that can be expected!

The 3 new features 9to5Google says will appear in the enterprise edition are:

  1. Water-Resistant: The Google glass water-resistant technology will come with fewer buttons and ports to have fewer placers for water and other material to seep in into the glasses
  2. Foldable: The Google glass enterprise edition will also be foldable to make it more work friendly, which also makes them like regular glasses
  3. Rugged: The Google glass enterprise edition will be more rugged so it will not be damaged as easily when it is being put to use in the workplace

These are a few probable features of the Google glass enterprise edition, so lets keep an eye out for more features as well as the release date, which is going to probably be in 2016.

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