High Rise Living and Social Engagement

champagneHigh rise living and social engagement can be as little or as big as you want it to be. For example, every Wednesday afternoon from 4:00 to 6:00 PM, residents of a given high rise are invited to meet in their clubroom for a Happy Hour and happy hour it is! The organizers bring wine and snacks, and once a month a cake is brought in for all those celebrating birthdays during the month. The volume of voices and laughter increases incrementally over the hour until small parties of 3-5 circle closer together in order to be heard. This get together happens every week mainly with the same people, and ends with the same outcome of voices and laughter. New residents are always welcome and encouraged to attend. It’s usually a crowd who has the time to gather during the late afternoon but the older you are the less important your age seems to be.

Being Social in High Rise Living

Sociability is an important asset when living in a high rise. By its nature, high rise living is a social environment. The passing of familiar faces in the hallways and workout rooms, sharing time around the pool and outdoor grills usually fosters casual conversations and can lead to quick friendships. In many ways, high rise living forces you to meet new people who have similar backgrounds and interests. Whether it is attending music venues, visiting art galleries or discovering new restaurants, living in a high rise affords you the luxury of time to explore these interests and your neighbors more than likely share them too.

Love Thy Neighbor in High Rise Living

Living in a high rise is unique in that you don’t have to mix with your neighbors if you so choose. Your privacy is respected. However, it is very easy to enjoy a robust social life if that is what you choose and find more suitable for your personality type. Whereas, compared to living in a house in a neighborhood, where you are expected to be a ‘good neighbor’, you can turn on or off the social switch. This definition is hard to ascertain, but heaven forbid one becomes the silent grumpy neighbor of the block who ends ups taking abuse from the kids every Halloween. Being alone or aloof in a house on a block with kids is a recipe for ridicule. However, being the social butterfly of the block takes the coordination and work of a wedding planner and often not worth the time and effort. Living in a high rise flips the notion of being a good neighbor on its head because its not only what is expected, but is much easier to do.

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