High Life in a High Rise


There are many advantages to living the high life in a high rise and some are not always obvious. For example, the views at sunrise or sunset, or just the views in general. Living in a house rarely affords you the pleasure of watching one of nature’s most amazing daily spectacles and it happens twice a day! Aside from the occasional gray, rainy or fog strewn days, high rises are just that; high rises. You don’t have to be on vacation at a seashore to witness one of the truly unique expressions of love that exists in the world. And, the best part is no two sunrises or sunsets are ever alike. Your windows become a canvas of light, color, and shapes, which never cease to change. When living in a high rise, you’ll know the weather forecast before the weatherman does. And, when it does change, when the thunderheads appear on the horizon and start to light up as they soar to the heavens, there might not be anything more mesmerizing to watch in nature. But, one thing for sure, here comes the rain.

A Sense of Security

Living in a high rise also provides a sense of security that even the best security systems don’t provide. You are never bothered by the occasional door to door salesman and magazine subscription pusher. True, you don’t get the Girl Scouts or school raffle ticket kids, but you can always buy them at the grocery store from the girl scouts at the main entrance. You never have to worry about some nefarious individual scoping out your property or having to cancel your mail when you travel. Your home in the sky is insulated from all forms of corruption. Even your friends will have to be addressed and allowed up. How you treat them is of course completely up to you.

A Sense of Serenity

There is almost a sense of serenity living in a high rise because you are above it all. Above the street noise from cars and sirens when you enter your front door, the world as it appears outside seems not to exist at all. You are alone, but yet you feel connected. The lights from the surrounding building which display a type of continuous lighting show from floor to floor depending on the time of day, never seem to stop being interesting. Those who are lucky enough to have a balcony truly are given a view which even some birds would be jealous of. From time to time they will even fly up to investigate your own nest. Put some bird seed out and you will have new friends visiting every day. It truly is a joy living above the ground.

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