Faceless Self-Portrait

Faceless Self Portrait

Reflection a Faceless Self-Portrait by Spencer Martinez

The faceless self-portrait and self portrait can be a difficult undertaking. I’m not talking about a selfie. I’m talking about creating a single image or a series of images. A faceless self portrait/self portrait can be a great opportunity to learn about yourself. 

 Tell your story through a faceless self-portrait

Faceless Self Portrait

Apples a Faceless Self-Portrait by Spencer Martinez

The faceless self-portrait can be a powerful avenue to tell the viewer a story about youself. Consider how the environment can add to your story. The faceless self portrait doesn’t need to be a straight foreward shot of your face, unless that is what you want. If so, then you might be creating a deadpan image. More about that in a bit. The faceless self-portrait can be an image of any part of your body, like your feet, hands or your backside.
The faceless self portrait is a reflection of the person. It is a deep look into your soul. You will be bearing yourself for all to see, as I have done! The faceless self portrait can be abstract, or creative. There a number of different ways to approach a faceless self portrait: you can create it from your perspective and how the world sees you or how you see yourself. Side note; you have to click the button yourself. The faceless self portrait can be a series of images that reflect who you are or it can be a single image. Think about how to convey your ideas so the viewer has a sense of who you are. Maybe you want to keep it simple and take a deadpan. What is deadpan? Deadpan is an image with no emotion.

Self-Portrait Photographers


Faceless Self Portrait

Dark Shadows a Faceless Self Portrait by Spencer Martinez

There are many photographers that use self-portraits. one such photographer is Jen Davis. Her series focuses on identity, body image and beauty.

Chuck Close is a great example of deadpan photography. Follow the link to his site.

Cindy Sherman‘s self-portraits focus on social role playing and sexual stereotypes.

Now its time for you to create your self-portrait! Grab your camera and have fun!

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