Using Social Media to Enhance Live Events

Enhance live events using social mediaHave you hosted or attended an event that fell flat? Maybe nobody showed up, it was poorly organized or it was all about the lead sponsor. We’ve all at least been to events like these, right? Regardless, there’s hope for your next event. Let’s discuss how social media can enhance live events.

Enhance Live Events

Social media has long, powerful legs and can overrun your event if you’re not prepared. However, careful planning can channel that momentum in your favor. Use the ideas below as a guide:

Before event

1. Identify what success will look like

How can social media help achieve brand goals at the event? Set clear social media goals and identify the most relevant metrics to track.

2. Integrate social media into registration & promotion

Create and introduce the event hashtag (include in non-social promotion too.) Make it easy for people to share through their social channels at registration confirmation step. Reveal exclusive information when promoting the event through social (special appearances, bonus topics to be covered, discounts for registration, etc.) Create a Facebook group for attendee interaction and networking leading up to event.

3. Pre-schedule content for the event

Schedule as much event content as possible (don’t forget your event hashtag!) Consider images or video that could add value at event, but need production time. Respect followers at-home (geo-target event posts, or include Q&A, contests, etc. just for followers at home.)

4. Establish listening streams

Monitor and respond to social conversation around your event hashtag and other relevant search terms (event name, brand name, etc.)

During event

1. Introduce your event hashtag

At the first big gathering (or through a social media post) prompt attendees to share their experiences, what they’re learning, and so forth using the hashtag.

2. Monitor your listening streams

Look for opportunities to engage with attendees and add value to their experience. Publicly answer attendee questions that may be useful to others.

3. Feature your attendees with pictures, videos or quotes

Have them share their favorite experience so far, what they’ve learned or what’s great about your brand (careful not to force this one.)

4. Host giveaways or contests (understand the rules)

Offer retweet or share of favorite attendee picture from event. Ask for a retweet or share of a brand post to enter giveaway drawing. Use trivia related to your brand and reward first or all correct responses.

After event

1. Post a ‘thank you’ to all attendees

Bonus points if you incorporate pictures or videos from the event.

2. Continue the conversation

Keep monitoring and replying via your listening streams (the longer the conversation lasts, the better – HINT: these are loyal customers or strong leads many times.) Remind followers about the event Facebook group where they can carry on conversations with other attendees.

3. Measure results and adjust for the next event

Did you meet the goals you set before the event?

Now that you’ve got some ideas on how to enhance live events, make your next event pop by harnessing the power of social media.

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