Digital Infrared Photography

digital Infrared Photography

Image by Spencer Martinez

Digital infrared photography can produce some fun and exciting images that can take an ordinary scene and turn it into something interesting and spectacular. Digital infrared photography has many different uses like in the medical field, the military, astronomy, forensics, law enforcement and art, just to name a few. The images in this post were taken with a dedicated digital infrared camera. This Nikon 200 was professionally converted to an infrared camera. These image were captured on an excursion to Glen Rose, Texas in dinosaur valley.

How does digital infrared photography work

digital Infrared Photography

Image by Spencer Martinez

In this case digital sensors are sensitive to visible light and infrared wavelengths. The effect will give infrared images an unexpected surreal look. Grass, leaves and skin in an infrared image will be light because they reflect infrared strongly. A blue sky will become dark because the blue light is blocked by the filter.

Digital infrared photography is best shot on a bright and sunny day if you are shooting landscapes. These images were taken while the sun was above me.

Some of the best results, from this shoot, occurred when the sun was slightly in front of the camera. Yes, there were sun flares but it added a unique effect.

Advantages of digital infrared photography

digital infrared photography

Image by Spencer Martinez

A digital camera offers you instant preview of your images, on the LCD screen, after you have taken a shot. A great function of digital cameras is it allows you to magnify the image. This will help to check focus and exposure.

Another advantage is the cost. No film to buy or process. You can shoot a lot more exposures with digital and edit them quickly.

Having a dedicated digital infrared camera allows you the freedom the shoot without added equipment and filters.

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