Develop Business Using LinkedIn – LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers

Now you know have some tips regarding LinkedIn endorsements and groups, but how do you develop business using LinkedIn? First and foremost, make connections with colleagues, peers, clients, potential clients, and those you admire. When making the connection, don’t make the mistake of using the canned LinkedIn connection request, because it’s about making a connection with someone. Instead, write a quick personalized message. If you don’t know them, explain why you are reaching out to them. In addition to connecting with them on LinkedIn, set up a Newsle alert and as Newsle says, “never miss an article about someone who matters to you.”

This leads to the second tip, Be Human! Congratulate people on new jobs, wish them happy birthday, and applaud them on work anniversaries. Also, send a message to your connection when a Newsle alert pops up. It will only be flattering when you acknowledge them.

Besides being human, how else can I develop business using LinkedIn?

Not only are people flattered when you acknowledge them in the news, but when you show them social media “love”. If they share an update, “Like, Comment, Share” their update. Studies have shown that receiving feedback on social media updates can create a greater sense of connectedness. It is always good for business if you make people feel included.

Make sure you check who is viewing your profile. This is especially important for attorneys. Is that potential client who you were referred to checking out your LinkedIn profile? You can see who knows what about you and your practice.
You can also check out view other people’s profiles to learn about them; their education, interests, potential connections between you.

LinkedIn offers a handy way to quickly make a PDF of profiles as well. This is a great when putting together information before pitch meetings.

An often overlooked tool LinkedIn offers is publishing posts. If you don’t think you can keep up with a full blown blog, publish your articles on LinkedIn. The posts look great and can be pushed out to your connections and the public. This can be a great way to turn on your connections to a new blog as well, by teasing them with one or two articles and including a link to your blog.

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