Customized yard flags are the perfect gift for a new house

Why aren’t there more customized yard flags in America? I’m always amazed when I drive through neighborhoods at the number of cheesy yard flags I see.  Does anyone really see those at the home improvement store and say, “Oh Yes, that’s exactly what I’ve been looking for!” A giant butterfly yard flag? I don’t think so.  These big box retailers don’t get it.  My 12 year old daughter might think it’s cute, but I do not.

Customized yard flags are the perfect gift idea for a new house

I wanted more choices, more variety, something that is unique and personal and reflects my family’s style. So my husband and I sat down the computer and we started brainstorming.  It was just for fun, but we got carried away and created a whole bunch of different themes for these cute little patio flags. We entertain outside all the time in Texas, so why not create something we can use in our backyard, next to the pool or patio?  So we just kept creating more and more designs and decided to open an Etsy store to sell them to our friends and neighbors.  Then we had a few friends in real estate ask us if we could make something they could use for their open house events, and a whole new line of flags was born.

LSU Tigers custom yard flag

These are so easy to set up, and especially lightweight, compared to those big, heavy metal signs that realtors are always lugging around.  Anything that makes their job easier is a win-win! Much to my surprise the mother funders (aka PTA moms) are knocking on our door wanting to partner up to use these for school fundraising in the fall.  Back to the computer to knock out some more designs for our local high schools.  It should be a fun and busy football season around here. Take a look at our designs and let us know how you would use these at your home, office or school.

The Jones Family Flag

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