Blogging on LinkedIn – LinkedIn Tips for Lawyers

Woman BloggingAs reported by the American Bar Association’s 2014 Legal Technology Survey Report, LinkedIn is a lawyer’s preferred social media platform.  In early 2014, LinkedIn gave users the ability to share long-form posts – it is essentially blogging on LinkedIn.  This is a great feature that is only building in popularity.  If you have been thinking about blogging, a good way to test the waters is by using the long-form posts on LinkedIn.

Blogging on LinkedIn

More attorneys are turning to blogging and numbers of blogs and bloggers have steadily increased over the years.  Currently, larger law firms are leading the pack when it comes to blogging.  Having more resources like a larger marketing and IT staff is helpful, but you don’t have be discouraged if you don’t have the means to acquire a team.  No doubt it can be quite daunting to start a blog.  LinkedIn long-form posts are a perfect step in the blogging direction.  They are easy formatted and LinkedIn makes it easy to upload a post photo.

Publishing your long-form posts on LinkedIn gives you an immediate audience – your connections.  This allows you to spread your writing quickly, unlike having a standalone blog.  You are still able to be found by search engines when you post on LinkedIn.  Recently, LinkedIn began to provide analytics to those who publish through LinkedIn as well, you can also quickly see who has liked, commented and shared your content.  This can give you valuable insights on audience, traffic and visitor behavior helping you tweak content and drive more people to your posts.

For more information about LinkedIn’s long-form posts, please see their help page.

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