Amenities Make for Easy High Rise Living

car_0There’s no doubt amenities make for easy high rise living. In fact, the¬†staff at most high end high rises have been trained by some of the most prestigious hotel management properties in the world. In most major cities throughout the country, high end hotels such as the Ritz Carlton and the Mansion in Dallas have developed residential condominiums right next to their hotels. This mixed use of hotels and residence living allows the hotels to scale their first class service and provide the residents in the shared property the convenience and service often only associated with hotel guests. For example, if hosting a party at your home, all you need to do is place a call to the kitchen and they will send up a fully prepared menu to satisfy your guests along with the service personnel trained to provide first class service.

Amenities Galore to Enjoy in High Rise Living

High Rise amenities are abundant and are visible to moment you drive up to the building. Who doesn’t appreciate a helping hand carrying your groceries or extra bags up to your home? Or, if you have received a package while you were away on a business trip, instead of it being left on your front porch for anyone to take, you have peace of mind knowing your delivery is being cared for by the reception desk. For the most part, the staff at a high rise is there for one reason, to make your life easy. Whether they are pulling your car up and opening the door for you or helping carry packages to your home, being cared for and looked after by a staff that feels like family, makes it hard to underestimate the value and ease high rise living brings.

Bonus Rooms to Enjoy in High Rise Living

Most high rises today have shared community rooms which have large screen TVs. These environments which sometimes have pool tables, shuffleboards, card tables or generally nice seating areas provide large areas for private parties as well. These rooms usually have commercial grade kitchens which help smooth out the process of entertaining a large group of friends and family. You don’t have to rent a room or banquet hall when you love in a high rise. Just give the proper notice and you can host a party and have it professionally catered. And, if you are lucky enough to live next doo the Ritz Carlton, you can bet your guests will certainly be impressed with the service.

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