Amazon Prime Day breakdown

Amazon Prime DayAmazon Prime Day was held on July 15, 2015 and had been a highly talked about event for the past few weeks! One thing people wondered about was the types of new deals that would appear on the website. Many people were also concerned with the fact that Amazon Prime Day would not be a big hit since people had to purchase a Prime account in order to even take part in the deals. That said the news has broken on weather Amazon Prime Day was a success or not!

According to Amazon’s vice-president of subscription services Greg Greeley: “Hundreds of thousands of new members signed up for Amazon Prime during the one-day sale on Wednesday.” So is this a good thing for Amazon? Definitely!

Breakdown of Amazon Prime Day sales

Below are some of the top sales items on Prime Day:

  1. Fire TV sticks: fastest selling deal for devices ever on Amazon
  2. Televisions: Sold 47,000 TV’s in the USA
  3. Bose Headphones: Sold 41,000 Bose headphones compared to 8 from the previous Wednesday

Overall Results of Amazon Prime Day

At first, Amazon itself was not sure whether the event should be a one-time thing or an annual event, but after seeing the results Mr. Greeley said “we’ll definitely be doing this again.”

Was Amazon Prime Day more successful than Cyber Monday?

No. Even though Amazon Prime Day was not as successful as Cyber Monday sales, it still brought in enough sales that it will/could become an annual event like Mr. Greenly announced.

Was Amazon Prime Day more successful than Black Friday?

Yes. According to Amazon, Prime Day was more success than their Black Friday sales. With at least 34 million items sold on Prime Day there were definitely more items and sales made on Prime Day than on Amazon’s Black Friday sales. Even though Amazon did have some competition, like Wal-Mart’s new deals the same day, Amazon still came out on top for sales deals for July 15, 2015!

Let’s see what new deals Amazon comes up with next year on Prime Day! Hopefully there is another Prime Day with amazing deals!



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