3 Garden Art ideas

Today’s gardener wants to find great ways to add garden art to complete their work.  I know.  The garden looks great.  The Periwinkles are cute.  The clump of Boston Fern adds a soft touch to the corner.  The Japanese maple in the corner adds a swatch of burgundy.  But, we need that one last piece to put your stamp on it.  A yard flag with your name is proving to be the perfect touch. Here are 3 garden art ideas from happy gardeners.

Whether you have spent hundreds of hours or hundreds of dollars in your yard this year, many home owners are searching for one last piece of garden art to complete the picture.  Here are the stories of four backyard artists.

State Pride Garden Art Ideas

Jerry was proud to be Texan but he had to move to Kansas for his company.   He had just spent weeks getting his rose garden exactly as he wanted it.  The 40 Hybrid Tea roses were just perfect. But, he wanted to add one more touch.  He found the perfect item.   A yard flag with his family name and the iconic state of Texas.  He found online at an etsy.com store.   Now, he is a happy Texan, living in Kansas.

Sin título-2


Just Relax Garden Art Ideas

Rachel just finished the final touches on her backyard oasis.    She had the perfect blend of ferns, Japanese maples, Lamb’s ear and lirope to make for a soothing, peaceful retreat.   Now, she wanted one last touch.  A mantra of sorts. To reminder her and her friends exactly what they should be doing when they were home.    She found it online at etsy.com.   It was a yard flag that just says: RELAX.  And, that was just perfect.

Yard Sign Relax 3

Bachelor Pad Garden Art Ideas

Michael just bought his first home.  A bachelor and now first time home owner. The pool looked great. The grill was brand new.  The backyard had great colors but wanted to add one more touch. Something to set the tone when his buddies came over to hang out poolside.  He found that subtle reminder on etsy.com.  Now, the fun begins.

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Find the perfect touch to your garden at NewHome Traditions on ETSY.com.

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