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Living in a world where beyond the sky has no limits, developing a daily yoga practice, Sadhana, may be difficult for some. Waking up enthusiastically and motivated, coordinating the unpredictability of life to fit in with our multiple organized roles, and allowing time for self-care and conscious healthy living, well, that’s a lot for one day! Continue reading

Yogi Tea and Golden Milk

Being introduced to the practice of yoga, meditation and mindfulness, can offer different views on healthy eating and unveil ancient  properties behind food and herbs to purify and heal the body. Yogis eat with the understanding that the food consumed is the future self. Their diet follows the guidelines of Ayurveda, a science of life recognizing health is a state of balance between the body, mind and consciousness. Yogi Tea and Golden Milk are staples among the yoga community and great examples of hidden medicinal properties and benefits.

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Finding the Right Internship

In today’s tech savvy world you have to wonder if there’s any value to an internship? After all aren’t we talking a part-time gig working for a local company to make a few dollars to cover food, entertainment, gas, your car and other interesting, if not essential needs?

Smiling GirlGenerally, when thinking about internships, we imagine high school or college students and occasionally someone out of the workforce where years may have passed since they last worked. It’s where a potential employee and the company agree to try each other on for some period of time that need, interest and circumstances dictate.

So what makes for a good internship?

Is it an “A-level” company with a global presence? Or how about a start-up with a few employees where you’re working with the owner or founder – is that ideal? Maybe the best internship is the one that pays the most for the least amount of work? Or might it be the internship that challenges you to think, to apply what you know or what you’ve learned, to try, to fail and to learn by doing or in some cases re-doing?

Actually, a good internship is all or none of these alternatives depending on your expectations, and those of your potential employer. You need to ask yourself what am I looking for in an internship, and what can I take from this internship thatBox of chocolates will get me closer to doing what I think I want to do? After all, a valuable internship is also the one that helps you decide what you don’t like and would never want to do.

To quote Forest Gump, “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get.” The same thought can apply to internships. Do your homework and engage those who work there now. Learn who your manager will be and what they are like. Is it someone you can learn from, do they have experience in your field, and is it someone you can respect? If doubts persist move on. An internship is about you and your future, not whether you earned points for enduring a disappointing experience.








Free Social Media Tools

A list of the top 5 FREE social media tools every social media manager needs to know about:


Hootsuite – a complete social media management system. From posting content to multiple channels, to measuring analytics to monitoring what people are saying about your brand. This platform is go-to social media platform and is one of the top rated free social media tools. Continue reading

Do What You Love to Do

Student 1It’s a simple question, “If money were no object what would you do?” And yet how many of us can say we’re doing what we love to do versus doing a job? The question came up again this past Sunday morning as I met a recent college grad who was new to DFW. In fact, she’d been here for just over 6 months and hadn’t really “connected” to the area as she and her parents had hoped.

We talked about her time in college, the internships she had, and what she did and didn’t like about each of her jobs. Generally, her positions were with financial services or venture-related firms which wasn’t surprising given her family and where they worked. What’s more, her career counselors raved about the companies she interned for and noted the money she could make with any of one them.

But money wasn’t the issue, and no one she talked to had ever asked what she loved to do.

“People come to me all the time for my opinion on things, especially cosmetics and beauty-related products, ” she gushed. “I love helping people find the best products for their needs.”

As oyoutube-for-android-lets-you-watch-videos-mostly-offline-updated--8bb4ae8a43ur conversation continued, she talked about video blogging and rendering her thoughts and opinions online. More and more today, she noted, reviewers are being influenced and paid to hype a product that doesn’t really meet an individual’s needs. That’s what I love to do, to help people get what’s really best for them regardless of price, but how do I get started, what do I do?

To do what you love to do isn’t easy, but identifying what you love to do and then sharing that passion with family, friends and others you meet enables them to better understand what you’re looking for and be on the lookout for potential openings that are right for you.

As our conversation continued, she thought more about the idea of doing what she loved to do and her energy level increased, her thoughts and ideas flowed more freely, and she said she finally felt she had a direction and purpose to her search.

Doing what you love to do can make all the difference in your life, your relationships and the way you view everything around you. And even if the job you find isn’t total nirvana, but it has most of the elements that coincide with doing what you love to do, you’ll be better for the experience, while the contagious vibe you bring to each day will surely render any semblance of TGIF a thing of the past.







Top Accounts to Follow on Instagram

instagram_2787001bEveryone and there dogs (literally) have an Instagram account these days, and with so many accounts it’s hard to find the top accounts to follow on Instagram. With over 300 million monthly active users, there is an Instagram account for just about anything. From fashion blogs, health tips, foodie blogs, and inspirational quotes, here is a list of Instagram accounts you don’t want to miss out on:

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NBA Pay Per View: A New Way to Consume Sports

$6.99.  That’s the newest number in American pro sports.  It is the cost of a single out of market basketball game, as NBA Pay Per View is born. Continue reading

5 Steps to Mastering the Fears of a New Social Manager

There are 5 steps to mastering the fears of a new social manager. Becoming a social media manager can be scary. What if you post the wrong article, what if you post with a misspelling. There are so many things that can go wrong, but you have to get over that fear in order to be successful. With a little bit of practice all will be fine. Continue reading

Social Media and the Syrian Civil War

The Syrian revolution and consequent civil war have posed a challenge for traditional news media and journalists in that they are unable to operate from inside Syria, social media has therefore taken on a primary role in disseminating news to international media. However, the lack of citizen journalists and verifiable social media networks has rendered this heavily “social mediated” conflict as problematic in terms of asserting the veracity of the data and information gleaned from social media users inside the Syrian borders. This is in contrast to the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia where the veracity of the social media accounts employed by anti-governmental activists were much easier to confirm. Moreover, most citizen journalists have fled Syria, which further complicates the situation.  Continue reading


In Physics, energy cannot be created or destroyed, but transferred and converted from one object to another. The ancient yogis and sages believed the life of a human is dependent upon chakras, energy centers or energy vortices, within the body. By understanding each chakra, their workings and co-relationships, insight is gained to the way we process energy.

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High Rise Living is Affordable, Surprisingly!

pool dallas-high-riseThe concentration of shared living space which most high rise condominiums naturally consists of can scale into lower living expenses for residences on a per square foot basis. This means high rise living is affordable, surprisingly! Usually you will pay less for a high rise condo than you will for a similar size house in a high price market. Not only do you get more for your money on a per square foot basis, but when you find a building in an area of town you like, you generally can find a unit on a floor with views you could never find in a house.

HOAs in High Rise Living is Affordable

Where the advantages of scale come most into focus are in the areas of amenities. Most home owners bemoan the additional cost of HOA fees (Homeowners Association) when they compare living in a house versus a high rise condo. However, when you compare the cost of HOA fees versus maintaining your own home, the lifestyle advantages of high rise condo living come more into focus. Generally, costs such as water and gas are covered in the monthly HOA fee. These two municipal services alone can count for several hundreds of dollars. Electricity, depending on the size of the condo is usually a cost borne by the user. However, in a high rise, there is a much more efficient use of cooling and heating because of the interior walls, and that translates into significantly lower electricity costs.

Bye-Bye Maintenance in High Rise Living

Lifestyle advantages which high rise condos generally deliver include no lawn or pool maintenance and security. These costs are built into the HOAs but because they are shared, they are generally lower than if you had to pay for them yourself living in a home. Depending on the size of a property, lawn maintenance alone can be a hundred dollars or more a month, not to mention the water needed to care for it. Some intangibles included in the HOAs are valet services, gym memberships and on-site maintenance service which is a phone call and minutes away. No need to pay for Angie’s List when your maintenance manager is downstairs waiting for someone to help. Add up all this savings of money and time, and high rise living is affordable.

High Rise Living and Social Engagement

champagneHigh rise living and social engagement can be as little or as big as you want it to be. For example, every Wednesday afternoon from 4:00 to 6:00 PM, residents of a given high rise are invited to meet in their clubroom for a Happy Hour and happy hour it is! The organizers bring wine and snacks, and once a month a cake is brought in for all those celebrating birthdays during the month. The volume of voices and laughter increases incrementally over the hour until small parties of 3-5 circle closer together in order to be heard. This get together happens every week mainly with the same people, and ends with the same outcome of voices and laughter. New residents are always welcome and encouraged to attend. It’s usually a crowd who has the time to gather during the late afternoon but the older you are the less important your age seems to be. Continue reading

Amenities Make for Easy High Rise Living

car_0There’s no doubt amenities make for easy high rise living. In fact, the staff at most high end high rises have been trained by some of the most prestigious hotel management properties in the world. In most major cities throughout the country, high end hotels such as the Ritz Carlton and the Mansion in Dallas have developed residential condominiums right next to their hotels. This mixed use of hotels and residence living allows the hotels to scale their first class service and provide the residents in the shared property the convenience and service often only associated with hotel guests. For example, if hosting a party at your home, all you need to do is place a call to the kitchen and they will send up a fully prepared menu to satisfy your guests along with the service personnel trained to provide first class service. Continue reading

Take Miranda Lambert song lyrics with you

Fans of Miranda Lambert feel her pain.  The announcement of her divorce from Blake Shelton has been tough for all of her fans.  Many of them are showing their support by finding new ways to take her spirit with them throughout their day.

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3 Ways to Increase Engagement on Facebook Without Spending Money

3 ways to increase engagement on FacebookFacebook engagement is tough to come by for brands these days. Facebook began tweaking its news feed in early 2014 to limit “reach” for business pages. And once they saw the ad revenue rolling in (from brands paying to keep traction), they never looked back. It seems like every month a new study is released, each time showing a lower rate for organic reach. Facebook is officially a pay-to-play social network for brands. However, there are things you can do to increase engagement on Facebook without spending money.

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Social Media Don’ts for Attorneys

You always come across information on how you should market your practice and what you should do to boost your profile online. But what are the social media don’ts for attorneys?

Loose Lips Might Sink ShipsDon’t share anything confidential – This “don’t” might be met with a big “duh”, but it never hurts to be reminded. You can become comfortable on social media, surrounded by your friends and connections in the virtual world. Just like elevator talk can get you in trouble, accidently posting confidential information is a no-no. Don’t talk about clients, or your cases – not even if one of your connections brings it up.

What else are social media don’ts for attorneys? 

Thumbs Down - Social Media Don'ts for AttorneysDon’t share advice – A friend shares a status update with a legal problem. You might be inclined to offer some guidance on the matter. Please do not give advice. This might be misconstrued and you could be unintentionally drawn into an attorney-client relationship.

Don’t badmouth others – It is easy to have an off day and go on Facebook to blow off steam to your friends. With 78% of attorneys being on one or more social media platforms, keep in mind the legal community is very connected. You never know who is a friend of a friend or if what you are saying will slip out of the virtual world. Don’t talk about other attorneys, judges, and other staff you encounter.

Don’t discuss your firm business – Though firm business would usually be considered confidential, innocuous status updates might end up being a bigger deal than first thought. For example, you update your status saying “Hurray! Going home early…a little computer virus shut us down.” Not the best way for you to inform clients, their confidential information could be compromised.

Don’t add or friend everyone – Should you be friends or connected with clients? LinkedIn is a great place for professionals to connect. You should have a professional profile there so, it is perfectly acceptable and should be encouraged to connect with clients there. Facebook is a bit trickier. You don’t have to be friends with everyone. If you want it to be strictly close friends and family, just send a quick note saying that you prefer to keep professional connections on LinkedIn instead.

For more information about social media, please see TYLA’s informative social media handbook.

Amazon’s stock value is higher than Wal-Marts

Amazon stock value is higher than Wal-Mart

Everyone knows that Wal-Mart has great prices that are hard for other companies to beat, but their might be a new competitor in town! As of after hour trading on Thursday, Amazon’s stock value is higher than Wal-Marts! How did that happen?

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5 Steps To A Sound Social Media Presence

5 Steps to a sound social media presenceWhen creating a social media presence for a new brand, or enhancing one for an established brand, it’s important to have a blueprint. If the foundation isn’t (or wasn’t) laid properly, there’s no point in continuing to build on it. It’s all going to crumble eventually.

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Interviews by Bruce

A Collection of Interviews

Screen Shot 2015-07-24 at 6.57.09 PM

By reading a collection of interviews with Bruce Springsteen, one realized all he wanted to do was to tell stories. Now after 40 years and over 17 studio albums and 30 plus books, Bruce Springsteen has created a culture that engages life events for the common man through his lyrics.  Bruce wrote songs to identify these characters so that his “fans” could relate and have a similar journey.  “My music, was always about identity, identity, identity. Who am I? Where do I belong? What’s the code I’m trying to live by?” quoted by Bruce Springsteen.

In the book, Talk About a Dream, The Essential Interviews of Bruce Springsteen and edited by Christopher Phillips and Louis P. Masur, illustrates Bruce Springsteen character development for the last 40 years. This book reveals personal interviews that can help any true fan who wants to understand the intensity of what drives Bruce Springsteen to continue to create and develop his art through his music.

Interview by Robert Kilburn

One of the earlier interviews was by Robert Kilburn, Melody Maker, August 24, 1974. In the early years, Bruce Springsteen was driven to write about songs for the working class, girls, cars, and escape. Bruce Springsteen would “compress a broad collection of scenes into a song, leaving the listener to draw his own truths, realities.” In the song, No Retreat, No Surrender, he stated, “We learned more from a 3 minute record, baby than we ever learned in school…no retreat, baby, no surrender He wanted his fans to draw their own conclusions about realities and search for their own answers from his songs. At that time, it was not black and white, an artist should not reveal too much about himself.

Interview by Mark Hagen

In the next 10 to 20 years, critics comments range from Bruce’ career was so hot that you can’t touch it to what every happen to Bruce.  Yet he continued to create albums and interviews despite the discerning objections. In 1999 Bruce released Tracks, a four CD collection of unreleased recordings. In order to promote the album, he interviewed with Mark Hagen. In this interview, Bruce explain, “I found I had an audience, all of a sudden I had a lot of personal freedom, I thought, “What do I want to do with this?” And the irony is that moment, when you have  an audience, is when you are separated and isolated. How you handle it from that point on has a lot to do with the course your music has taken.” Throughout the next years, with the 911 terrorist attacks, political issues, economic crisis, Bruce Springsteen felt his job was to connect to his audience.  His job was to create an understanding to see yourself in his characters in the every day basic issues of work, faith, hope, family, desperation, exuberation and joy. “You’re trying to capture a piece of the world as you see it-that’s what the job is.”

This is my beginning of my journey to understand Springsteen fans and the culture that surrounds his stories through his songs. It is not just the study of his lyrics  but also reading the 28 books that he read who in turn became one  of the influential and celebrated musician in our twentieth century  and who continues to influence and write rock ‘n’ roll songs. 

Spark Social Media Growth By Empowering Your Employees

Spark Social Media Growth By Empowering Your EmployeesSocial media growth is a key sign of a healthy social media presence. While I’m a firm believer that the quality of your social audience is more important than the quantity, sometimes social media growth is a necessary goal. Unfortunately, we often overlook our most important and dedicated advocates.

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Mr. Cool Defines JHilburn Business Casual


elements of business casual

The style seems not only easy, but comfortable. So the decision is to give it a try. But where to begin? One thing you’re sure to include are the jeans. Your JHilburn personal stylist will guide you to AG Jeans, DL jeans, and JBrand jeans; find the selection at Colors in washed, white, resonate, and midnight get you pointed in a good direction. Tailored measurements taken at your shirt and suit appointment will determine an
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Faceless Self-Portrait

Faceless Self Portrait

Reflection a Faceless Self-Portrait by Spencer Martinez

The faceless self-portrait and self portrait can be a difficult undertaking. I’m not talking about a selfie. I’m talking about creating a single image or a series of images. A faceless self portrait/self portrait can be a great opportunity to learn about yourself.  Continue reading

Latino Mobile Market – Kaboom

Latino mobile market picture of statistics showing Latino mobile shoppingThe Latino mobile market is worth billions.  Although Latinos make up only 17% of the US population, their purchasing power is growing at twice the rate of the general population.   Also, a greater percentage of Latinos are under the age of 18, making it the youngest ethnicity segment and thus a critical part of future business for mobile carriers.  The growing population, purchasing power, and being the youngest segment are not the only incentives carriers have to target the Latino mobile market, studies also show Latinos are highly digital, receptive and engaged.   In a recent survey, 66% of Latinos reported that they look at the ads that show up on their phone. And then 21% go on to follow the brand on social media, to the delight of the sponsor.  Latinos use 16% more data than the national average.   As the Latino mobile market in the US expands, mobile carriers have been doubling down on marketing.  Verizon launched “Viva Mobile” in partnership with Jennifer Lopez; Univision, an American Spanish broadcast television network, partnered with T-Mobile to launch “Univision Mobile”, and AT&T spent $124.7 Million in 2014 in Latino mobile marketing alone.

The Latino mobile market is not just about Spanish

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How to Host an Authentic Mad Men Style Cocktail Party

Creating the look and feel of a Mad Men party doesn’t have to require a smoke-filled room. Stock up on some of these authentic 1960’s groovy goods, a few bottles of booze, and get ready to jam. Here are a few ways to throw an authentic Mad Men style cocktail party.   Continue reading

International Organizations’ Use of Social Media in the West Bank

Social media is a powerful tool deployed by international organizations active in the West Bank and across the Middle East. Donor organizations such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Department for International Development (DFID) use social media to spread awareness of the programs they fund and support. Continue reading

Social Media and LGBT Rights in Egypt

Social media has provided a haven for LGBT activists in Egypt and across the Middle East. Ten years ago Egyptian police raided a gay nightclub and arrested dozens of men and proceeded to torture and shame them. The Egyptian national media published the names of the individuals arrested in an effort to publicly shame them. Such actions did not receive much condemnation and liberal activists were helpless in the face of governmental and societal ostracizing of LGBT individuals.


Social media effect in Egypt

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Using Social Media to Enhance Live Events

Enhance live events using social mediaHave you hosted or attended an event that fell flat? Maybe nobody showed up, it was poorly organized or it was all about the lead sponsor. We’ve all at least been to events like these, right? Regardless, there’s hope for your next event. Let’s discuss how social media can enhance live events.

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JHilburn Tuxedo = Mr. Refined

JHilburn Black TuxedoHere it comes, gala season. You may be thinking of heading to #rent a #tuxedo. But, did you know when renting four or more times you could be owning a tuxedo? With the exceptional choices in fabrics, midnight blue, super fine black, and black you’ll find the value of a #JHilburn tuxedo will last up to ten or more years. With the release of Casino Royal, the midnight blue has been a gentleman’s favorite Continue reading

Is the new version of Google Glass Water-Resistant?

google glass water-resistantBy now everyone has heard off, used them, or even bought the Google Glass Explorer edition, but now Google is coming out with Google Glass Enterprise edition. So, what new features are the new Google Glasses going to have? Is the new version of Google Glass water-resistant? Continue reading

Next Gen Sports Apps

It is a great time to be a sports fan.  Twitter helps everyone get up to the moment information on trades and injuries.  Facebook and Instagram allows athletes bond with fan bases.  But where to go from there?  Well, there are plenty tools for the sports fans these days, the next gen sports apps. Continue reading