Unified Mobile Application for Telcos

Is a Unified Mobile Application for Telcos the best way?

Picture of a phones clutter with a lot of applicationsMobile Carriers tend to create single service applications to offer services to their subscribers, rather than creating 1 unified mobile application for all their services.  Searching in an online application store revealed one particular carrier has 16 Mobile application.  The applications range from self-care app to a mobile jukebox.   Why would a large mobile carrier (Telcos) create multiple mobile applications rather than 1 unified mobile application?    Together we will go through the pros and cons of ‘To Unify or Not’.

Pros and Cons of Unified Mobile Application

Let’s start with the positive, the Pros of having our beloved mobile carrier offer us an all-in-one mobile application rather than having 16 separate applications.

Pros of a Unified Mobile Application

  • Less Screen Clutter:  Instead of having 16 applications on our screens, we could have just 1
  • Less Updates:  We would only have 1 application to update.  This would also mean less maintenance and cost on the part of the Telco.
  • Explore Features:  We may not go out and install all 16 applications, but if we had them in 1 concise app, we may explore the features and services we otherwise may not have used.

Cons of a Unified Mobile Application

Consumes more memory:  The consumption of internal memory is a point to be considered.  However, from a technical viewpoint, creating 1 well made application would consume a lot less memory than separate stand alone applications.

Complicated Application:  Having one application with 16 distinct features may be too complicated to use.  As with a good website the key is to design, design, design.  A well-designed application should be intuitive and responsive.  For example, having the application show the most used features more  prominent and adapt based on the usage frequency.

Unwanted Pop-ups:  A service, such as Find Free Wifi, could pop alerts when a Wifi hotspot is detected.  The user could be annoyed by seeing such alerts because he never wanted the service in the first place.  This annoyance could be easily remedied by allow the user to enable/disable services from a simple settings menu.

In summary, having a Unified Mobile Application for Telco has some great advantages, but special care should be taken to minimize the disadvantages.

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