The Paleo Diet for Men

Three simple tricks to start being Paleo.

The most important thing in life is your health.  On average, most american men are 23 pounds overweight.  Making an positive impact on your health is actually very easy.  One of the most popular lifestyle trends in America is called the Paleo diet. There are three simple tips to start you on a new you.  It’s cheap, it’s free, and is very easy. It is perfect for the time starved American man.  You too can start, right now.


The short version of the Paleo diet for men is very simple.  The first step is to start drinking water.  Lots of water.  And, cut out drinking soda.  Our ancestors did not grow up drinking Pepsi. They had to be lean, strong and agile to survive. Plus, get in to the habit of reading the nutrition labels on everything that you eat.  If your serving of food has more than 2 grams of Sugar, be careful.  Sugar is the enemy.  Commit to this first step with your next meal.

Our ancestors did not have Pop-Tarts, butter split-top white bread and Froot-Loops.   A million years ago, there were no dougnut shops. Your grandfather x 1,000, roamed around his territory. It didn’t matter if it was in Africa, Europe, Russia, South America or the Antarctic, his days were spent hunting, gathering and protecting.  All day, everyday. 24/7.  That is all they knew. There were no distractions. It was all about reproducing and survival. The tribe shared the knowledge of plants, roots, nuts and animals that were made to eat.It was the original all-you-can-eat buffet.  It was just that they had to find all of the food. They did not eat processed flour which has been proven to be without nutrients and includes unnecessary calories.  Cut out white bread with your next meal.  Eat only meat and vegetables.

The most important step comes third.  The more you learn about the basics of the Paleo diet, the more you will then seek out news articles, websites and television stories that continue to describe the concept.  You will find yourself discussing the Paleo diet with your co-workers and friends.  They often have their own testimony or curiosity with the new lifestyle change.   The book that started my interest is called “Your Primal Body” by Mikki Reilly.  The Paleo Way to living lean, fit, and healthy at any age.  Go find it on for less than $15.

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