The  Paleo diet for dummies

Five minute overview: The Paleo diet for Dummies.


Who’s your Daddy?

Think about your dad for a second. Now, think about your biological father from 2 million years ago. What that was that dude like?  It must be nice not having a mortgage, a car payment , cable TV bills and centralized health care. As a matter of fact it was probably pretty cool not even have money. But, the flip side is that he was the king of the jungle or the forest or the wilderness or the desert. He survived by being strong, agile, resourceful and focused.  He was the original start-up. Over thousands and millions of years, this forced dad after dad to become very evolved in his physical body, in his skills and in what he consumed.

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To-Do List:

Our Paleo fathers were very busy guys. Let’s take a look at a typical day in the life of the Paleolithic man(and a slight interpretation)

7:15 am  Wake up & Go.  (Check the skies to evaluate weather patterns.)

7:45 a.m. Evaluate Water Options. (Find and drink available water.)

9:00 a.m. Review Food Options. (Track and capture 6-8 rabbits for breakfast)

9:30 am.  Breakfast Meeting(Prepare and ration breakfast for local tribe)

11: 00 am Leadership Planning (Meet with tribe elders to discuss MTD results)

2:00 pm    Best Practice Discussion (Today’s topic: identifying dangerous snakes)

5:00 pm    Lunch: (Work the remaining breakfast and fresh berries)

7:00 pm   Team builder(Group swim at Pineywood creek)

10:30 pm   Alternative Food Capture(Work with Dad’s Club to capture night creatures)


On the Road Again

Our Paleo fathers were the leaders of their tribes.  The standard practice for many of them was to lead their tribes to the areas that had the most abundant resources for survival.  This often meant the group also had to be strong, abile and able relocate.  The group who mastered this lifestyle were able to reproduce and pass down this lifestyle to each new generation.  But, over the past 400 years, advances in our world have moved us away from this lifestyle.  Many of the best practices of our ancestors are still available if we stop and learn more about the Paleo diet. A lean, agile and strong new you is part of your foundation. It is your ultimate core competency.  It is a fundamental part of your DNA. Tap into it and see.

If this blog has got your curious, here is the book that provides an excellent start to discover more about the Paleo diet.  Your Primal Body by Mikki Relly is available on


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