The Importance of Studying Abroad

I believe every sStudy Abroad- Karla in Dresdentudent should study abroad. I decided to study in Berlin, Germany. Why Berlin you ask? ┬áThe Berlin program at Nazareth College offered an internship component. So not only was I earning course credits, but I also had the opportunity to gain work experience in Berlin’s professional work industry.

Gaining Life Experiences While Studying Abroad

Who would have known that I would gain so many life experiences abroad. To be honest, the thought of traveling abroad for the first time startled me. I had never gone four months without seeing my family, I had no friends, and I could not speak a lick of German! I did not know what I was getting myself into. But none the less, I was excited for what was to come.

I interned at a company called Sirius Facilities. Here I helped with social media and learned Google Adwords. I enjoyed what I did and never would have thought that I would been exposed to them both in my current profession.

Stepping out of my comfort zone by living and working in a country where I don’t speak the language allowed me to have the opprotunity to really get to know myself. Going abroad helped me gain life experience. As an american, I believe that it is important to be educated/ gain life experience in cultures besides your own. This abroad experience has opened my eyes to other cultures besides my own. I am open to different cultures and I believe this experience truly allowed me to become a well-rounded individual .



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