The Bespoke Boy Decides on Custom Tailoring


How and when does one decide, or even know, when he’s interested in the fine art of custom #tailoring? Is it because he feels like a slouch among his peers? Does he see is good work at the office is on point, yet the most dapper man at the table is getting eye contact and dominating the conversation? Just what could be done to get both in alignment? Perhaps you’ve now reached the point of a commissioned stylist to tailor in the lines of fit, specific choice in collar and cuff? The made to measure world seems unknown and uncomfortable to you. But the time has come to find the fit, take more care, and as Mary Poppins would say at the end of the task, “Spit spot.”

Where Did Bespoke Come From?

Although this English adjective has hit every media outlet, the word hails from bespeak, meaning to “speak for something.” This gives one the final card in your wardrobe, “What do you want your wardrobe to “speak” about you? Is it the t-shirt and jeans in the corner pile you’ve repeatedly picked over on a run out the door, or is it the early-riser, shower, blade shave, and closet hanging pressed shirt and trouser attire you’ve carefully rotated in a two week cycle?

As it began, a tailor came to a gentleman, be it at his place of work or to his residence. He was measured and presented with an assortment of fabrics for his order. Compiling these elements and microwave them to 2015 and you have a JHilburn Personal Stylist. JHilburn prides themself in #theshirtthatfits. The very mills that provide fabrics for Ralph Lauren Purple Label, Ermengildo Zenga, as an example. Shirting mills such as Cotonificio Albini, Thomas Mason, Tessitura Monti. Suiting mills of great precision in Vitale Barberis, Reda, and the exemplary Loro Piana.

Your trained JHilburn Peronal Stylist begins with taking your measurements, showing you options in collar selections, present an array of cuff selections, and an array of shirting and suiting fabrics. From there, trained pattern makers don’t start cutting until they receive your exact measurements. Every seam, button, and stitch marries to your designed specifications to a shirt that fits. Take a look at how it all can happen at

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