Surreal Double Exposure in Camera

Surreal Double Exposure in Camera

Image by Spencer Martinez

Creating a surreal double exposure in camera can be done if your camera has the capabilities, if you know how to set the exposures and understand how to adjust the settings. The concept lies within shooting your first image, the subject in a silhouette while blowing out the background, then with the second exposure filling in the underexposed areas. To be successful with this process, you will need to step down one stop for each shot.

How to shoot a surreal double exposure in camera with a DSLR.

Two exposures within the same frame are making one image. Be aware that not all cameras have the capabilities to combine exposures. A simple tip to help you is to shoot in live view mode. This will help with aligning the images.

First step, is to shoot a silhouette of the first subject. This process works best if you have a white background or a bright sky.

Second Step, find a textured background that is suitable for your concept. Color and complementary lines will add to the composition.

Third step, get your camera ready. In your camera settings find multiple exposures mode. In this example set the number of exposures to 2. Switch to live mode.

Fourth step, take your first image, remember it must be a sillhouette, then line up your textured image. When you are satisfied with the composition push the button. The camera will combine the two images.

The reason for the overexposed background is so the second image will overlay the underexposed parts of the image. According to Kai Wong, if the exposure for the first image is 1/500th of a second then the second exposure is  2x 1/250 of a second.

Two great photographers that use this technique are Sara K. Byrne and Kai Wong. Follow the links to their websites.

Surreal double exposures in camera can be a challenge so get your camera, create some unique images and have fun!

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