Marketing Innovation for Telcos

Telcos have powerfully disjointed marketing channels

Although traditional marketing channels have led the industry in promoting brands and services

A picture of a pieced together lightbulb showing unified marketing

throughout the past decades, carriers have the hidden treasure in key marketing channels.  Telcos have the power of always on communication with their subscribers through text messages, USSD, SIM Browsing, Push Notifications and IVR.  Marketing innovation can be achieved by unifying these disjointed channels.

Telcos are typically not considered by major brands when developing their marketing campaigns, yet Telcos some of the most powerful direct marketing channels.  These channels include:

  • Short Message Service (SMS) – commonly known a text Messages.  All mobile device support SMS making it a powerful marketing channel.
  • Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) – USSD is a menu driven interface.  The key differences between SMS and USSD, is 1) It’s session based, meaning it expires and disappears after a given period of time 2) It’s a menu driven interface, which allows for easier user interaction leading to higher Ad conversions and 3) USSD is available on most GSM devices.
  • SIM Browsing Services – As the name suggests the service is a browser embedded on the SIM card.  This browser could be thought of as a mini-internet browser driven by text messages rather than a data connection.  SIM Browsing services started as infotainment services and has evolved into a key marketing channel in the Latin American markets.  The key similarity between USSD and SIM Browsing is 1)  It’s session based and disappear after a period of time 2) It’s a menu driven interface 3) Its menu driven interface have proven to have higher conversion rates than traditional SMS.  The key difference is 1) It requires the SIM Browser to be pre-installed on the SIM Card 2) may have a lot of dependencies on SIM Manufacturers and 3) May only have 1 source for push marketing, that is, only 1 Advertising solution can send Push Ads to a particular SIM, without extensive migrations. 4) Because of the technical nature of the solution, there are only a handful of vendors who provide the solution.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) – This is the lovely voice driven menu options you get when calling into the Telco’s Customer Care.  Instead of playing music, the IVR can provide a marketing Ad while waiting to be attended by the representative.  Other than having this as a marketing channel there are no real comparisons to be made with the above mentioned channels.  It is unique and powerful because you have a captured audience.
  • Push notifications – most telcos have a self-care mobile application.  These applications can be designed to accept Push Notification or alerts when the user’s bill is coming due or other account information.  This same channel can be used to deliver Ads.

These powerful marketing channels are disjointed because the solutions are provided by different vendors, so there is rarely a common Campaign Manager unifying these interfaces.

M-Novation has partnered with multiple solution vendors to provide a power unified Campaign Manager that will manage the Ad Inventory and deliver the advertising to the Telco’s subscriber.  To learn more on how to innovate your marketing dollar using the unified Telco marketing channel contact or go to


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