Long Deep Breathing

Perform. Succeed. Be.

Finding a balance in the numerous titles life presents, is a true test of mental, physical and spiritual flexibility. The various roles of contributor, partner, friend, parent, volunteer, spiritual warrior and many others that we find ourselves in, can overwhelm our nervous system on a daily basis. “Long Deep Breathing” is a natural and simple technique assisting in filling the lungs to capacity and calming internal systems.

JugglingLife is a juggling act, with each role being a ball in the air, and the one coming down takes precedence; if more attention and time is required at work, home usually comes in second. In order to catch and throw the ball back in the air, intense focus is required to maintain fluidity in the pattern, emphasizing a shift and tipping of the scales in our priorities. Bringing awareness to the breath, creates an alignment with the mind and body, which enables us to center and adapt to the breaks in balance or the swings in focus.

First we must learn how to breathe correctly.

“Long Deep Breathing” provides a strong foundation for activating the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing toxins in lungs, stimulating brain chemicals, and cleansing the blood. Levels of stress are lowered, healing can occur and a sense of ease is created.

The lungs consist of three chambers, the abdomen or lower, the chest or middle, and the clavicle or upper. When we engage in Long Deep Breathing, our belly should be relaxed. On the inhale, the navel point (two to three inches below the belly button) should move outward, filling our abdomen, then expanding into our chest and finally raising the ribs and clavicle.Like a wave in the ocean, the exhale should be a slow release beginning with the upper area, chest and lastly the navel center pulling the belly in and upward towards the diaphragm, the muscle separating the lower and upper chambers, forcing out any remaining air.

Kia Miller, yoga instructor and expert on Prana and Pranayama, demonstrates Long Deep Breathing in the video below. Kia has an upcoming training in August 2015, Prana and Pranayama: Unveiling the Sacred Science of the Breath


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